xXGoon SquadXx

xXGoon SquadXx





Spartan Company Bio

Welcome to the Goon Squad.
- High Activity (10+ hrs/week)
- Positive KDR
- Gold Competitive Rank (if you have one)
- No Lone Wolves
- No quitting matches.
- Mic for communication.
-No discrimination. Anyone from all walks of life are welcome.
If you do not meet requirements, do not request to join. You won't be accepted.

The Goon Squad is a competitive clan lead by Scruffy The Fox.
We play Arena and Warzone competitively. We are friendly and are looking for members.
Company Leader - Scruffy The Fox
Co Captain- FNG Drinky Crow
Please message Scruffy or Drinky online or send a request if you meet these requirements! : D