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  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Noobs of Achilles

    100/100 Members
    Est. 9/8/2017

    Calling all players! This company is for Achilles, but it is also for making friends and having a good time!

    How to Join
    Go to our Profile page and fill out an application under "Request to Join"

    Notes about your application:

    • If you are currently in another Spartan company or you just leave the default message your application will be rejected.
    • DO NOT message leadership about joining.
    • DO NOT be off of Halo 5: Guardians for more than 14 days, or you will be discharged
    • Join our Discord server (more information below)
    Discord Server: CLICK THIS LINK
    Why Discord?
    • Discord is a messaging app built for gamers and it is available for installation on mobile (android/iOS) and desktop (windows/macOS), or can be accessed through any web browser at http://discordapp.com. It can also be installed on the Xbox dashboard.
    • Our company uses a bot to monitor member's activity and stats. Members also access the bot to monitor their own activity and scoring stats using Discord.
    • It is an easy way to put together or join a fireteam as we share the the Discord server with several alliance companies. (There are voice channels you can use instead of party chat on the xbox.)
    • It's a great way to connect with other Halo players.
    JulesPhantom2. Leader of The Noobs of Achilles.
    AssumedNoob. Co-founder of TNoA and Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.

    Allied Companies:
    Achilles Progress

    Armor acquired Tuesday, June 26, 2018.
    Helmet not acquired

    Armor: 100% complete.
    Helmet: 8/31 commendations are complete.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    81/100 Members
    Est. 7/8/2018

    Invite only.
    ALL requests are denied or blocked.

    Members Social Media

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    Heresy Ascended

    97/100 Members
    Est. 3/7/2018

    *This is an Achillies grind company. If you are not willing to play a lot and actively work to complete commendations, you need not apply

    *Since we are closing in on the Helmet, requirements change monthly to ensure all members are contributing, and to limit freeloading. Progress is tracked based on your service record on waypoint

    August requirements for all members:
    -2 buckle up medals
    -11 ground pounds
    -11 lucky medals(cluster luck, last shot, fastball)
    *New members added after the month begins will only be responsible for a prorated amount of the above requirements

    -Members are expected to play a minimum of 20 matches per week. Anything less, and you will be considered inactive and subject to removal

    -Members who spend the majority of their time in Fiesta, Warzone Firefight or Custom games will be removed without warning

    -Weekly updates are sent out via Waypoint

    -We have an Xbox club where company information and play dates are posted

    -Members must actively work towards completing Company Commendations

    Achillies Armor obtained 12/17/18
    Level 1: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Level 2: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Level 3: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Achillies Helmet Progress 89%
    Level 4: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Level 5: 19/31 complete (61%)

    Formed by veterans of The Heretic Uprising, Heresy Ascended was created to continue the grind for Achillies. We currently have a mix of members from all skill levels. It doesn't matter if you are a THU veteran or someone who is looking to join a spartan company and somehow found our page. All applicants will be accepted as long as they are not already in a spartan company. If you are in a company already, you must leave that company before waypoint will allow us to accept your join request.

    We are nearing the end of our journey. We may still have a handful of level 5’s left, but we are making good progress considering how young this company is. If you consider skipping us for another company with less commendations to go, be sure to look at their creation date. If they only have three commendations left, but are two years older than us, they will probably still be grinding long after we are done.

    "Valar dohaeris"

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Getting Schpongled

    79/100 Members
    Est. 6/23/2019

    Hello and welcome to Spartan Company: Getting Schpongled!

    Our goal is to unlock the Achilles set before the release of Halo: Infinite and assist with getting company members to SR152 for the reward in Infinite.

    About Getting Schpongled
    *Founded 05/23/19*
    Some of you may be asking, what does it mean to "get Schpongled?" Well I'll tell you...it is androgynous, that means it means whatever you want it to mean! Life is full of schpongle. We schpongle our loved ones. We eat schpongle. We give schpongle. We take schpongle. Together, we are getting mothufuckin SCHPONGLED!

    PLEASE READ the below guidelines and requirements!

    • -Individual members will be required to maintain a minimum amount of games per week in order to stay a member. This minimum is 5 games a week and will be checked via waypoint on a weekly basis every Monday.
    *Member activity will be checked at the beginning of each month or week through gaming history on Waypoint.
    *Failure to meet minimum requirement may result in the schpongling of membership.Keep in mind, we know everyone has lives that can get busy. Please stay in contact with admins so that arrangements can be made if you're going to be inactive.
    • Please be kind, courteous, and respectful to all members, we're all here for a good time!
    • Be a member of our Facebook group chat so that we can stay in contact and communicate with each other.
    More details to come, stay tuned!

    From the founder- "Hey there team! My name is Matthew Karkheck, most of you probably know me from the facebook group Halo: Infinite Community. I have been running this facebook group of 10k+ plus members for 4 years, I also lead my previous Spartan Company Team Hakai to the achievement of Achilles for 3 years. Halo has been one of my passions since I was 8 years old, now 26. I'm a US Navy Veteran and am currently going to college. I really look forward to leading you all to success in Halo 5!"

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    97/100 Members
    Est. 3/4/2019

    We are Unrelenting in our quest to build a community while we achieve the Achilles armor. We are happy to have you as part of our growing community. When you join one of our companies you are part of the community.
    We unlocked the armor in 137 days on 7-19-19

    Unrelenting - English Speaking & grinding for the Achilles Armor and Helmet!

    Our company uses a discord server Halo Community where we chat, team up and host tournaments. Our members range from the casual player to hardcore. Building community and friendship is what we do best! Having fun is our number one goal. We use these tournaments to measure the dedication our members. Its Basic we want the Armor to do that we need the most active members playing.

    Mandatory requirements for members:

    • Be active on Halo 5 Warzone & Arena
    • Be friendly & mature - treat all members with fairness & respect.
    • After accepted to Unrelenting, join our Discord server via this Link: Halo Community
    • Be willing to grind commendations from time to time - see the #tournament channel
    • Be min level 50
    • Not be a member of another company
    A shout out to a group of our great Advisors
    Note: Customs, Campaign, Firefight, Super Fiesta and Infection do not help with comms, so we don't want to see them regularly in your activity, or you will be removed.

    **Disclaimer** @Everyone remember to have fun! lets work towards the armor. We Managers will continue to hold the company to the same set of standards. If you don't pull your weight we will find people that do. Its just a game don't get to serious. We will hold weekly tournaments United Together we will accomplish our goals.

    Upper Management
    Fireteam Diamond
    Lieutenant: The Sun Of Mars
    1. BY F0X
    2. PMS Calypso
    3. FrugalBeet29254
    4. Jeer
    5. sac396
    6. xSpartanC17x
    7. GTP Raje
    8. World Sirpent
    9. tonic bom
    10. KnightmareFilme
    11. Mitsuki345
    12. mistermoster121
    13. NoRd1E
    14. Sonaveul
    15. crisis7794
    16. ValidStud
    Fireteam Sapphire
    Lieutenant: ZioDJ
    1. DaminatorOG
    2. xSnoWyReCoiLx
    3. Pina De Muerte
    4. DL Apollyon
    5. Riliun
    6. ll Cole1999 ll
    7. Dellium VI
    8. Bigcoolwizerd
    9. TBTI SpArKz
    10. Radiated6 SGI
    11. gerbi1jr
    12. GRIZZ 1977
    13. KeviinG37
    14. Pain0lympicDude
    15. RITZbitesCheese
    16. AuspiciousGamer

    Fireteam Ruby
    1. Zyrviis
    2. UnwantedPanda28
    3. Its Extropical
    4. Mythixiz
    5. PluggedPuppet55
    6. Esiyx
    7. DefaaIt
    8. Wolf Silver 180
    9. Cr1msonKn1ght74
    10. BedFastRhino05
    11. xXxEnriqkeXxX
    12. ASAP JMSN
    13. ChorizoPR0
    14. KillaCgoAPE
    15. ThePingGuy

    Fireteam Jade
    1. Dazzzleee
    2. RiftEX2Filmz
    3. P4NDAM0NIUM
    4. Nahthatsokay
    5. KiingGurb
    6. ExG NiteMaRe
    7. guyonabuffalo74
    8. COBALT 3LIT3
    9. JoseManu221
    10. THE D3RK ONE
    11. Russian Yuki
    12. WrAtH Of ToUcH
    13. ThickUncleKirk
    14. Griffon Sniper
    15. Tobytron1000
    Fireteam Emerald
    1. lI Quixx Il
    2. HersheyHighway6
    3. HardBow78676815
    4. NonOblivion6203
    5. Dankenstein7100
    6. Ajax Harju
    7. Pesterenan
    8. SilverBullet9mm
    9. Spanmayron
    10. dirtbikegeek02
    11. Nat Sawyer
    12. Darun018
    13. El trigarante
    14. Olexy VI
    15. shobz14

    Fireteam Amethyst
    1. LowKey Epic 0
    2. N1ck024
    3. rich5000cool123
    4. xX GaMM3r06 Xx
    5. Gnarkz
    6. YoungShottie420
    7. pipotesweed
    8. Unffusy Bark 46
    9. HellspawnPR1981
    10. XGX13XGX
    11. The Rancorre
    12. Sierra S104 CI
    13. Deselectings
    14. xBL00D 4NG3Lx
    15. Flamez US5508


  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    River of Styx

    97/100 Members
    Est. 7/27/2018



    The River of Styx

    Legend tells the story of Achilles; a peerless Hero of the Trojan War. His greatness originated from the River of Styx. Upon his birth, Achilles was submerged into the depths of the River and gifted invincibility; save his ankle, by which he was held by his mother. Achilles' fabled armor was also dipped into this Horrible River, adding to his unmatched strength in battle.

    The River of Styx is one of the five rivers that encompass the Underworld of Hades. The Gods swore their Oaths by this River, and had to adhere to the river's will once these Oaths were made. If such an Oath were broken, the offending God was made to drink from the foul river thus losing his voice for nine years. This power over the Gods was gifted to Styx, the Goddess of this sinister realm, by Zeus himself for her assistance in the Titan War.

    Take heed to this warning, as it is the only one you will be given.


    • Achilles HELMET!
    • Meet new players from all over the world
    • Friendship & Gamesmanship
    • Fill River of Styx with people who love gaming
    • Improve player skill levels, and compete in ranked arena playlists
    • Activity on Halo 5, being inactive for 10 consecutive days may result in being discharged. Howeve, if you know in advance that you will be inactive for legitimate reasons, please post in the Leave of Absence Channel on our Discord. If you are discharged for inactivity, when you are consistently active again, request to rejoin.
    • JOIN OUR DISCORD (you will receive an invite via Waypoint) The invite will expire within 24hrs so please be prompt in accepting it. It is required that you join discord because that is our main line of communication within the company for events, current commendations we are focusing on, and other important company information.
    • Play only VERY minimal amounts of: Super Fiesta, Infection, and especially Firefight and Customs. Too much activity in these playlists will potentially result in being discharged from the company. A good rule of thumb is to have already have played up to 8 hours worth of meaningful matchmaking gametypes before setting foot into the gametypes that do not help the company. And at that point, only 2 hours of Fiesta/Infection/Firefight/Customs will be allowed per every 8 hours worth of Company related gametypes.
    • Above all, maintain respect and Integrity to all players
    Current Member List:

    - FOUNDER: ExodusStyx
    - FOUNDER: GlacierJax

    - CEO: iviUi2D3i2
    - COO: GoGoGadgetHero

    Hydra Squad

    LT: Open

    Nyx Squad


    Cerberus Squad

    LT: Keeli101

    Charon Squad

    LT: I QBUS I

    Thanatos Squad

    COO StonedRipper82

  7. Spartan Company Emblem


    29/100 Members
    Est. 8/27/2016

    Support our boys:

  8. Spartan Company Emblem


    52/100 Members
    Est. 3/4/2019

    Actualmente, no aceptamos nuevos miembros ya que estamos a 1 elogio de la Armadura.

    Somos " KRAKEN RENEGADOS " y nos complace tenerlo como parte de nuestra comunidad creciente. Cuando te conviertes en uno de nuestros miembros, te conviertes en parte de nuestra familia " The Corps ".

    Nuestra compañía se adapta al mismo servidor como chat de WhatsApp . Servidor de Discordia : KRAKEN RENEGADOS que se utiliza para chatear, organizar torneos y establecer vínculos como equipos.

    1. Díganos por qué le gustaría ser parte de Kraken Renegados (se rechazarán los mensajes predeterminados).
    2. Respeto mutuo: miembros, líderes, etc.
    3. Únase y participe en nuestro servidor de discord y whatsApp
    4. Se incluirán 50 infantes de marina por semana y 50 muertes con vehículos. de manera obligatoria al ser una encomienda muy tediosa y lenta
    5. Únete a nuestro lobby cada semana. (Fijaremos la fecha para cada semana a través del grupo de WhatsApp y el chat de Discord).
    6. Ser nivel 90 o superior. Jugadores con nivel inferior seran rechazados.
    7. Grabar que se unio bajo estos criterios y de no cumplirlos, podria ser explulsado.

    General : Tlaloc223
    Teniente General: KISAME TSH
    Coronel: livingflame1397
    Capitán: IxElCatrinxI

    Fireteam: NOVA
    Teniente: Dimtraxsnordico
    Fireteam: CREDO
    Teniente: RoninCat22
    Fireteam: GHIDORAH
    Teniente: XINDORAPTORX30
    Fireteam MAJESTIC
    Teniente: danyromer950
    Fireteam NOBLE
    Teniente: DaXOSCURO3

    "- HAIL HYDRA ! - HAIL KRAKEN ! -"

  9. Spartan Company Emblem


    32/100 Members
    Est. 7/24/2019

    Top Tier Competitive Arena/Warzone Players NO SOCIAL PLAYERS ACCEPTED.

    Content Creators

  10. Spartan Company Emblem

    Solar Contingency

    21/100 Members
    Est. 11/18/2018

    Ascending Nation is a UNSC specifically on Halo 5 Guardians. The leader of the clan is Cosmos XVIII.

    We have one main branch and that is the marines. The marine is the main fighting force of Ascending Nation which will also be home to the S'II.

    To Join Ascending Nation message the following:
    Cosmos XVIII- FADM
    Hades RG- S'II CO
    Chaos LXXXI- Marine CO
    HalcyonVraseth- ODST CO

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