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  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    63/100 Members
    Est. 6/29/2019

    Taken is NOT an Achilles grinding company. We just want good players to team up and run both Arena and Warzone. We are looking for QUALITY of our Spartans, based on Service Record, which we can see, so be honest! Also, if you would like to join, you'll need to be on Discord, or you will not be considered.

    1. Join our Discord server. WE ONLY ACCEPT ONYX OR ABOVE INTO THE COMPANY, but Everyone in the Halo community is welcome to join our server.
    2. If you wish to communicate with us, use discord. We do not reply to messages sent on Waypoint.
    3. If you are a custom fan then you'll probably be kicked. Customs help no one, and since this a community/company, they have no place here.
    4. We can see what you play + minutes...if you're not active you'll be discharged.
    Don't meet the requirements for joining Taken? Still want to grind? Join a friendly Spartan Company working towards Achilles (The Chap Republic):

    Follow us:
    Bigdaddy j03: Twitch

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    54/100 Members
    Est. 1/28/2019

    Bienvenido a la escuela de papeles aquí aprenderás a ser un papel
    Segunda Compañía:
    Vextrez: I Twitch I Instagram I
    That iRvsh I Youtube I Instagram I
    II B3QU3R II I Twitch I
    Papel Montaje

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    Harvezt I

    96/100 Members
    Est. 3/24/2020


    We are the spartan company that welcomes T-bagging and some crazy fun. Anyone is welcome you can be sweaty or you could just be dry. But all in all we welcome everyone as long as you are not toxic!!

    We only have 1 requirement and that is you have an all time CSR of diamond or higher, we will not accept any unranked players or less than diamond CSR.

    To join you must not be a part of another company as we cannot accept you, you must leave your current company to join.

    We are of course looking for good and active players that love a good grind every now an then.

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Thee XP Junkies

    96/100 Members
    Est. 4/30/2020

    Secondary company of the XP Junkies. Same rules, same fun!

    ****** If you want to join, please read the requirements below. We will NOT accept default messages or other messages without knowing your AGE.*******
    Hey! We're Thee XP Junkies. It's as simple as that, we LOVE XP and companies are the best way to get extra XP. We're pretty laid back and chalax so join up if you just love to game! If you are looking for a fun group of crazies to play with, then read on. If you just want a company, the armor or helmet, or just want XP, then request to join! We don't care if you've been playing halo for years or are a Christmas Noobie, join up!

    -- 21+ years old
    -- Weekly Active Players who want more gamer friends
    -- Communicate and play with other members
    -- If you have a mic, that's a BONUS!!!
    -If you are NOT over 21 years old, do NOT request to join. You will be DENIED!
    -30+ days inactive is subject to being kicked
    -Customs and Campaign do not count as active
    -Staying active on Waypoint and/or discord helps

    Include in your Request to Join:
    - Why you wanna join the company
    - Your AGE
    - Your time zone and when you typically play
    - Why you're awesome
    NO DEFAULT MESSAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED -- We're here to make friends, not build numbers.

    Reasons you may want to join:
    - We are awesome
    - We just like to game and have fun
    - We don't care how good or bad you are

    Achilles Status: Updated 27 October 2020
    Tier 1: 31/31 (July 14 2020)
    Tier 2: 30/31
    Armor: 12/31 (Completion Percentage: 85.75%)
    Tier 4: 7/31
    Helmet: 3/31 (Completion Percentage: 37.99%)

    Social Media:
    We have a Discord Page (please check the forums for the link and rules--once accepted). We use this page for almost all of our communication.


    BROCK SAIYIPSON: Face of the company. Obsesses over commendations. Always calls dibs on first strike and gets way too excited during awesome plays. Look out for his ghosts during firefight. (XP JUNKIES Leader)

    KelleySpartan87: Founder of the company. The Brawling Beauty of Grifball and Gungoose extraordinaire. Halo's best panic, crouch, and puncher so don't come around the corner or you'll hear a scream. (XP JUNKIES Leader)

    Admiral Jumbo: Always happy to meet new Spartans and the best wingman to fill your vehicle turrets. You’ll find him mostly in super fiesta or firefight.

    ^^^ I also serve as the Sea of Thieves liaison for the company. Message me with any questions, or if you’re looking for a good crewmate. Current ranks 46/17/51/51/51/6.

    Tamable Kaos: You fear the Kaos, He tames the Kaos

    Dark Jester EXE: The first Champion, the first to achieve SR152 and the first to complete all 510 commendations in the company, a Spartan who believes he's beyond and surpassed the elite.

    We have 5 active members of our leadership. We work together to make decisions for the company and to keep things running smooth and FUN. Contact us with any issues and message us if we're online and want to play.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    28/100 Members
    Est. 10/10/2019

    Prototype Company

    Building a strong team for Halo: Infinite.



  6. Spartan Company Emblem


    76/100 Members
    Est. 6/24/2020

    El objetivo de esta compañía especialmente no es el obtener el conjunto de Aquiles pero si deseas un reto puedes unirte a nosotros y tratar de cumplir con las condecoraciones así que envía tu solicitud ahora mismo!

    The objective of this company especially is not to obtain the Achilles set but if you want a challenge you can join us and try to fulfill the decorations so send your request right now!

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    Gamers Elite

    73/100 Members
    Est. 4/17/2020

    Qué tal a todo el mundo!

    Somos una compañía de HALO 5 dedicada a obtener la preciada armadura Achilles.
    Estamos en constante renovación de miembros. Si deseas unirte a nosotros y conseguir la armadura, puedes dejar un mensaje aquí junto con tu solicitud y tu número de teléfono.
    También puedes mandar un msj de xbox con alguno de nuestros líderes:

    Equipo Rojo - Líder: TheDarkLago
    Equipo Azul - Líder: XAsmithaX7382
    Equipo Verde - Líder: ARTI8239
    Equipo Violeta - Líder: L0RD 0F C1DER
    Equipo Blanco - Lider: El W1CH027

    Los únicos requisitos para unirte son:
    -Ser activo
    -Cooperar con tu equipo a lograr las metas de las condecoraciones encomendadas
    -Tener WhatsApp (Para coordinación con tu equipo y con la compañía en general).

    Mucha Suerte Spartans!!!

  8. Spartan Company Emblem

    Shield of Achilles

    97/100 Members
    Est. 10/19/2015

    We have already attained the armor; however, you can join us to get the helmet and then join another company for the armor. The helmet is much more difficult to earn.

    Our status as of October 2020:
    We regularly check Waypoint for new notifications, so please do not send the administration any PMs, asking to accept you, since 8 times out of 10, there are other people ahead of you. Simply apply and we'll keep you in the line if we're full again.

    Our goal:
    unlock the ACHILLES ARMOR helmet as quickly as possible by completing level 5 of the Spartan Company Kill Commendations. We are at 96% for the helmet as of October 1, 2020 with all kill commendations at level 5 and several nearing completion.

    Membership: We will accept anyone as long as we have room. To remain a member, you must play a minimum of 5 games in the last 3 months. We will conduct periodic checks and remove inactive members. Warzone Firefight and Custom games do not count because they do not count towards the kill commendations.

  9. Spartan Company Emblem


    51/100 Members
    Est. 9/25/2017


    Large Faction, one Leader ↓

    (Lead) : Twitter | Twitch | Instagram

    To those seeking a path to the divine beyond, this is NOT your company.

    Mdama's Discord Server : discord.gg/qXewtDH

  10. Spartan Company Emblem

    Pure Talent

    99/100 Members
    Est. 7/4/2019

    We are a laidback company that is here to make some friends and have a good time while we grind. We are currently looking for good, active players to help grind out the remaining commendations for the achilles helmet!

    • We are now only accepting players with an all-time top CSR of diamond or higher.

    • Add the leader on Xbox once you are in the company. You will be added back.

    • We also have a discord which you will receive a link to join once you are in the company.

    NOTE: We often check the frequency and status of your games played, so if you are not playing much, you may be replaced.

    Leader: ExtortioN Ftw
    Lieutenant: STRUCKED PORTAL

    And we can’t wait to see you in Infinite.Cheers!

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