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  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Heresy Ascended

    92/100 Members
    Est. 3/7/2018

    *We are currently recruiting active players

    -If you want to join and we are full, submit a request anyway. We remove inactive players weekly

    -Generic applications will be denied. You don't need to write a lot, but show us that you are willing to make the effort to be in this company

    -No rank requirements

    -Members must not go inactive for more than two weeks (Custom games do not count. To remain active members must play Warzone or Arena)

    -Members are not required to party up if they prefer a lone wolf playstyle

    -We have a company discord chat that members are welcome to join

    -Updates and general information will be posted in the company forums, so be sure to check them every so often

    Commendation Progress
    Level 1: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Level 2: 11/31 complete (35%)
    Level 3: 4/31 complete (12%)
    Level 4: 2/31 complete (6%)
    Level 5: 1/31 complete (3%)

    Heresy Ascended is a faction of The Heretic Uprising that wanted to remain active after the coveted Achillies helmet had been achieved. We currently have a mix of members from all skill levels. It doesn't matter if you are a THU veteran or someone who is looking to join a spartan company and somehow found our page. All applicants will be accepted as long as they are not already in a spartan company. If you are in a company already, you must leave that company before waypoint will allow us to accept your join request.

    Members who are inactive for more than two weeks at a time will receive a warning, and those who do not reply or play a few matches within 5 days are subject to being kicked from the company. We do understand that life comes first, so if you need to take some time off, please notify administration.

    This is will be a long journey, but the prize is worth the effort.

    "Valar dohaeris"

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    78/100 Members
    Est. 7/18/2016

    Adamant is an exclusive, day-one Warzone Company that is built around teamwork, coordination, and most importantly, having a good time.

    Requests to join are almost always denied unless we know you or you stick out from the crowd.

    If you do join, a link to our Company Discord server can be found in our private Company forum. It’s not a necessity that you join the server but it is a great way to become more familiar with our integrated community.

    We aren’t just limited to Warzone. Many of us play BTB, Arena, and other Halo games such as MCC and Reach.

    Support our pro players!

    Renegade JW, plays for Splyce
    Noblc, plays for Berserker Gaming

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    64/100 Members
    Est. 6/2/2017

    Heresy is Dead

    Best Warzone 6's company of all time
    Generals of the alt army

    In 2018, our MMR is so high, and the 12-man teams that still play are so bad at the game, they should be embarrassed. Like literally. A 12-man team of us can't find a match ever because you other 12-man teams are horrible.


  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Blitz Team Alpha

    100/100 Members
    Est. 3/3/2017

    "Morior Invictus" - Death Before Defeat
    *We have the armor already. If you join now you will only be able to obtain the helmet*
    Quest for the Achilles helmet and to have fun!
    Armor: 31/31, Obtained 3/3/2018
    Helmet: 14/31 - 82% Complete
    Back at full capacity, but you can still ask to join! You may have an opportunity to replace an inactive. In order for us to consider you, please answer the following:
    1. What is your SR and highest CSR obtained?
    2. How many hours a week on average do you play Halo 5?
    3. How much overall Halo experience do you have?
    4. Do you prefer Arena or Warzone?
    6. In a brief summary, please explain why you think BTA should accept you.
    Generic requests will be rejected.
    BTA BRAND: Official colors of BTA are any variation of red/black or white/black. Official emblem BTA uses is the Snake emblem, with any variation of red/black/white colors. Colors and emblem are purely optional, just there in case you wish to represent the brand.
    Must be active and contribute in matchmaking, that's where we get our stats.If you go inactive for more than 1 week, you will be discharged. If you've been discharged, you can still ask to re-join after a consideration period, but it will take some time.
    Be sure to keep an eye for messages on Waypoint and Xbox Live regarding our contest challenges. Sweet prizes include Req Packs, Xbox Live gift cards and more! Also, as part of an ongoing recruiting effort, if you get a new member to join BTA, I'll gift you a gold Req Pack! Just let NightFox know who you got to join and I'll send you the REQ Pack!
    Ranking system based on completion of personal commendation levels. Reach General of BTA and be rewarded with req packs. Reach the Classified ranking and be rewarded with a mystery prize.
    Recruit (0-31):
    Private (32):
    Private Second Class (48):
    - DR RED214
    Private First Class (64):
    Specialist (80)
    Corporal (96):
    - SpaceHawk26
    - AdverseFracture
    Sergeant (112):
    Staff Sergeant (128):
    Sergeant First Class (144):
    - Owenz777
    Master Sergeant (160):
    - heppyj1
    - FurtherToast3
    - GOREillaSMASH93
    - Keiichi CI s047
    First Sergeant (176):
    - I INEVIT I
    - UFCNAT
    - TheDemonicWolf1
    Sergeant Major (192):
    - NeLL xkaRmAx
    Command Sergeant Major (208):
    - DeforcedDragon
    - phantomdeath317
    - StrongFireGecko
    Sergeant Major of BTA (224):
    - ZeRo ITz
    - StAnkeiler
    Chief Warrant Officer (240):
    - jamesMthelegend
    Chief Warrant Officer 2 (256):
    - ALIGATORpoop
    - Biks35
    Chief Warrant Officer 3 (272):
    Chief Warrant Officer 4 (288):
    - LegendShadowsZz
    - LegoDragonLord
    - Slayer Sambo 21
    - Misquick 57
    - AdjustedRocket3
    Chief Warrant Officer 5 (304):
    - evildead71
    - Hunkiez
    - Crystal Gamurr
    - RudolfMichael
    - HaloEMreacH
    Second Lieutenant (320):
    - Profoundgamer42
    - ShowTom Evolved
    - gelato kid15
    - TwistedPyro98
    - MikeyLo2000
    - JaseIsPlayer1
    - Creeper4888 3
    First Lieutenant (336):
    - Xycronic
    - Kaine Mar
    - M1SS x Mercy
    - dr3amr1d4
    - SixBloodWolf
    - z0rny
    - jd82ab
    - Capitan Colter
    - MythGameing
    Captain (352):
    - FKY SpaceCow
    - Eagle eye61603
    - DemonHunter17JA
    - RealSeaTurtle
    - The Lucid Sage
    Major (368):
    - Migsola
    - sp4rkkles
    - EarthlyKnight27
    - ClaretRacer3083
    - BTA Predator187
    - xBaller 4 LYFEx
    - Gecko Masta
    - JazTheKiller
    - Delaphante
    - Yurakii
    Lieutenant Colonel (384):
    - BOUNCINbanjo
    - Altopeachybee
    Colonel (400):
    - war munger 2202
    - Asgard20032
    - coldghostllx
    - XxLucilleKill55
    Brigadier General (416):
    - killagrl956
    - Evisc3rous
    - Lemonbijuu
    - iSPITEFUL2002
    Major General (432):
    - CE wolfe xD
    - Clown Shoes 45
    - TMANCZ4462
    - Dark Phantom58
    Lieutenant General (448):
    - ItsCirca1995
    - thenighthawkass
    - OozyHyperion47
    - Mixmaster84
    - SW Covenanter77
    - ThugPug98
    General (464):
    - Castaladin
    - Brozmazter
    - GodsFallShort
    - TheMoscowManiac
    - AverageUnggoy
    General of BTA (480):
    - BTA NightFox
    - HyperKillah07
    - Rambo McFly
    - DrE Dc kIILA202
    - KillemDafaux
    *Classified* (505)
    - BTA NightFox

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    94/100 Members
    Est. 11/11/2015

    (Not Really But Kinda Recruiting)
    Men, we led those dumb bugs out to the middle of nowhere to keep 'em from gettin' their filthy claws on Earth. But, we stumbled onto somethin' they're so hot for, that they're scramblin' over each other to get it. Well, I don't care if it's God's own anti-son-of-a--Yoink- machine, or a giant hula hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it! What we will let 'em have is a belly full of lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in! Am I right, Marines?
    All you greenhorns who wanted to see Covenant up close... this is your lucky day.

    We are the Nubbstompers.
    If you are in the mood for competition, we have Onyx caliber players that are always looking to team. Hop on in the forums and start up a conversation and organize some teams. With WZ, Arena, and the campaign, there is plenty Halo to get into. This is a game and we understand real life stuff happens! We just ask that you jerk off mic.

    Primary requirements

    • Act like your goose is cooked
    • Be active on Halo 5 (discretionary), currently looking for WZ focused players (not FF)
    • Prefer older cats but any age will do(as long as your cool)
    • Must appreciate fine art
    • Mics are needed to communicate
    • Friendly or not
    • Can only use one hand while playing
    • Speak/comprehend English
    • Not cry while wacthing Infinity War
    • No shirts, no shoes, don't care
    • The waether outside is weather
    • Be the most popular tourist attraction
    Here are a few things that you can look forward to here with us:
    • Help completing the Achilles set: 97% complete (59/62)
    • You can pet my pig Mr.Chris Pea Bacon
    • Co-op completions (Normal to Legendary)
    • Warzone teams
    • Barbeque night
    • A high five and the biggest hug you have ever seen
    • Req pack if this is your first Spartan Company and company packs from unlocks.
    • Custom games
    • Active players
    • Forgers
    • MMC players
    • Always looking for leaders to run games
    • Leader: XAnnoyedOrphanX
    • Lieutenant: Loco0rphan
    • Lieutenant: xxDEATHREBORNxx
    • Lieutenant: APEX XCV
    • Lieutenant: lowkeymatty
    • Lieutenant: Oz of Bounce
    If you have any other questions, comments or wish to get an invite just message us.

    If your still wanting to join and we are full then try joining our sub company stumpnubbers

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    UNSC Project Dawn

    23/100 Members
    Est. 9/2/2017

    UNSC Project Dawn is a close knit group of friends who are more family than anything. If you would be willing to die for your brothers and sisters while venturing out into the black void then this group needs someone like you to watch its back. We are the elite, the noble few, we deliver swift retribution. Those they send away into the cold dark, to forge paths through the unknown for those who aren't strong enough. Where all we have is each other, surrounded on all sides. Once more into the long dark, we push through. - Oath Of UNSC Project Dawn

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    Kimchi Spartan

    84/100 Members
    Est. 7/14/2017

    PLEASE NOTE that we have acquired the body armor (as of 2/27) and are currently working on the helm. You can not receive Achilles armor from a company that has already unlocked it.

    Our goal is simple. Just one thing in the world:
    If you are interested in this armor please do not hesitate to join us. We will not wait for you.

    - Play 5 hours of Halo 5 every week that goes toward Kill Commendations. (Arena and Warzone)
    - If you will not meet your 5 hours, you must notify leadership via message on Halo Waypoint prior to your absence.

    The Lieutenants are checking our members every week so if you don't follow the rules you WILL be discharged. Be cautious.

    Chiwawadad: Leader.
    Sir Deathsalot: 1st Lieutenant.
    XCrimson AloneX: 2nd Lieutenant.
    qToxic Beautyp : 3rd Lieutenant.
    Castrocream117: 4th Lieutenant.
    Carrera22: 5th Lieutenant.

    A link to our Discord page can be found below. PLEASE USE YOUR GAMERTAG AS YOUR USER NAME ON DISCORD SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Thanks!

  8. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Banished Knights

    15/100 Members
    Est. 6/18/2018

    We are the Banished. We gather to regain what we have lost, The power of Achilles. We must do our best to achieve are goal, none will stand in our way. Once again we shall be Feared and respected.

  9. Spartan Company Emblem

    Infinity INF101

    20/100 Members
    Est. 4/16/2017

    UNSC Infinity INF - 101

    • United Earth Government (UEG)
    • United Nations Space Command (UNSC)
    Branch: UNSC Navy
    Fleet: Expeditionary Strike Group 1
    • Captain Thomas Lasky
    • Captain Del Rio
    • Insurrection
    • Blooding Years
      • Assault on Vadam keep
    • Post-Covenant War conflicts
      • First Battle of Requiem
      • New Phoenix Incident
      • Second Battle of Requiem
      • Battle of Ealen IV
      • Ambush at Oth Lodon
      • Mission to Ven III
      • Battle of Aktis IV
    Marine Corps Leaders:
    • General Hogan
    • General Daniel Black
    • General Van Zandt
    • General Kits
    • Colonel Kennedy Mehaffey
    Marine Battalions:
    • 9th Marine Expeditionary Force
    • 26th Marine Expeditionary Force
    • 405th Marine Infantry Division
    • 12th Marine Regiment
    • 17th Marine Regiment
    • 77th Marine Regiment
    ODST Leaders:
    • Colonel Audrey Lasky
    • Colonel Kennedy Mehaffey
    • Colonel Felicia Sanderson
    • First Lieutenant Melissa McKay
    ODST Battalions:
    • 2nd Shock Troops Battalion
    • 7th Shock Troops Battalion
      • First Platoon
    • 9th Shock Troops Battalion
      • First Platoon
    • 10th Shock Troops Battalion
    • 11th Shock Troops Battalion
    • 19th Shock Troops Battalion
    • 22nd Shock Troops Battalion
    Spartan - IV Commanders:
    • ADM Margaret Parangosky
    • ADM Serin Osman
    • RADM Musa Ghanem
    • CDR Sarah Palmer
    SPARTAN - III Commanders:
    • LT-CMDR Kurt-051
    • COL James Ackerson
    • SCPO Franklin Mendez
    SPARTAN - III Companies
    • Alpha Company
      • Team Wolfpack
    • Beta Company
      • Team Echo
      • Team Foxtrot
      • Team India
      • Team Lima
      • Team Romeo
      • Team X-ray
    • Gamma Company
      • Team Gladius
      • Team Katana
      • Team Saber
    SPARTAN - II Commanders:
    • LT-JG Frederic-104
    • MCPO John-117
    • SCPO Franklin Mendez
    • Catherine Halsey
    SPARTAN - II Teams:
    • Red Team
      • Omega Team
    • Blue Team
    • Green Team
    • Black Team
    • Grey Team
    The Information above is from Halopedia: UNSC
    Everyone must join and go through conscription, ABSOLUTELY NO HAND OUTS unless we have your conscription file. If we have your file, we may put you through conscription anyway as a test of loyalty.

    SII CO: Spartan 104 CI
    SII XO: Spartan 006 CI

    SIII CO: Spartan 104 CI

    Marine CO: UNSC L Mendez
    Marine XO: Spartan 117 CI

    Rules of Engagement:
    • We don't kill UNSC unless they kill us 3 times or more, and friendly UNSC may enter our bases unless they are ordered not to enter.
    • We don't fire unless fired upon when it comes to the other clans in the community, and they are not allowed in our bases, if they do enter then they are to be neutralized.
    • We have a K.O.S. list and we will follow it at all times.
    • Random players that are not in clans are Civilians and are not to be fired upon until proven hostile later.
    The information above is the work of Spartan 006 CI
    This clan Bio, was made on 4/16/2017

  10. Spartan Company Emblem


    70/100 Members
    Est. 2/1/2017


    Discord link: https://discord.gg/cM9NFJx

    If you have any questions about our companies feel free to message ll Deadshot lI or one of the LTs

    Brother Companies

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