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  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    64/100 Members
    Est. 10/27/2015

    Respect few. Fear none. Dominated. DO NOT SPAM GAME INVITES!

    Content Creators:

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    I The White List I

    84/100 Members
    Est. 10/27/2017


    Si buscas obtener tu armadura Achilles conocer gente nueva y pasar un buen rato hechando desmadre I The White List I es la mejor opción para ti.

    Si lo que buscas es el set Achilles ya hemos desbloqueado la armadura 26/Julio/2018
    Ahora vamos por el casco!!!
    Compañía hecha del pueblo para el pueblo :v

    No hay restricciones para entrar solo tres requisitos:

    1- Ser activo

    2- Entrar a nuestro grupo de Facebook y/o WhatsApp, para estar en contacto con los demás compañeros y estar al pendiente de las dinámicas eventos y torneos que se hacen internamente.

    3- Ser respetuoso y tolerante con los demás compañeros.

    Sin más que agregar nos vemos en Halo!!!

    Compañía ligada a I The Black List I

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    31/100 Members
    Est. 7/11/2018

    --=>>>》》》[ GOLDPACK ]《《《<<<=--

    GOLDPACK is a epic and strong military wolf pack clan, created on August-2009 halo 3 ODST, We've been here longer then any other clan, since 3rd Generation we were one of a kind and even more now, If your in another clan or know of other clans that are looking for a good battle or think their even close to being as good as GOLDPACK, then please send them our way so we can show them


    Rating; 🌟
    Date; 17/12/2014
    Leader; sam512001
    2IC; -
    Emblem; ODST
    Colour; Black & Yellow
    Armour; strict
    Purpose; Train & make Orbital Drop Shock Troopers
    Training; hardcore
    Motto; Feet first into hell

    Requires; LCPL & Discipline

    Quote; Always be the boots on the ground.

    Rating; 🌟
    Date; 16/7/2015
    Leader; Billy goldpack
    2IC; HaloAE
    X Leader; DesolateCandyGP
    Emblem; GassMask/Gassed
    Colour; Navy Blue & Yellow
    Armour; Strict
    Purpose; Security & Order
    Training; maps in work for H5
    Motto; Repressing all the idiots
    Requires; SGT & Billy's strick approval
    Quote; If I don't like you then you won't be securing anything under my command. -Billy goldpack

    Rating; 🌟
    Date; 4/10/2015
    Leader; CLASSIFIED
    X Leader; CLASSIFIED
    Emblem; Matrix
    Colour; Black & Yellow
    Armour; Free
    Purpose; Espionage & Propaganda
    Training; CLASSIFIED
    Motto; The night is dark & full of terror
    Requires; CLASSIFIED
    Quote; Information is useless unless there's a powerful force to wield it's gift. -Director of GPI


    🗡GOLDPACK Rangers🗡
    Rating; 🌟🌟
    Date; 12/12/2017
    Leader; RockBoot8378996
    2IC; Aw3some Gamer
    X Leader; FLITCHgoldpack
    Emblem; Kukri
    Colour; Moss Green & yellow
    Armour; All "Wrath" armour banned
    Purpose; Occupying & Fortifying GP territories
    Training; Yes
    Motto; Miracles can Happen
    Requires; PVT & Motivation to be a true Ranger
    Quote; You never know what can happen but if you try hard enough then even miracles can happen. -Rockbooty

    ☣GOLDPACK Critical Disease Control/CDC☣
    Rating; 🌟🌟🌟
    Date; 20/7/2018
    Leader; MARSHALgoldpack
    2IC; DesolateCandyGP
    Emblem; Infected
    Colour; Yellow & Black
    Armour; Strick
    Purpose; Purge & Eradicate filth to secure GP purity
    Training; Yes
    Motto; Cleaning the scum in this community
    Requires; Good Brain cells & a controlled mindset

    Quote; I've been in this war longer then anyone and I've seen cool and great members turned, So don't tell me to trust you, I'll trust you to the end when I see pigs fly. -Marshal

    Rating; 🌟🌟
    Date; 14/8/2018
    Leader; BRY0Ngoldpack
    2IC; redrader2311GP
    Emblem; Jewel
    Colour; White & Yellow
    Armour; Strick
    Purpose; Our survival & victory must come 1st
    Training; Yes
    Motto; Don't judge us for our acts but for our goals
    Requires; Passion to discover new Miranda booties

    Quote; Zoey Burger is love Zoey Burger is life. -BRY0N

    🐇GOLDPACK Rabbits🐇
    Rating; 🌟🌟🌟
    Date; 21/8/2018
    Leader; MUD RABBIT 75
    2IC; FLITCHgoldpack

    Emblem; Rabbit
    Colour; Black & Yellow

    Armour; Free
    Purpose; Falling down the Rabbit hole prevention
    Training; Easy
    Motto; We know how deep the Rabbit hole goes

    Requires; To be Chill, Caring & Respectful
    Quote; I've seen so many people fall down the Rabbits hole or even go chasing Rabbits down it only to end up with no one & nothing. -Mud Rabbit

    🍌GOLDPACK Uganda Knuckles🍌
    Leader; NutnOff

    2IC; BombmeSENPAI
    Emblem; Hammock
    Colour; Tyrian & Yellow

    Armour; Free
    Purpose; To spread de wey of our people & de Queen
    Training; Easy
    Motto; We'll show you Dea-wey

    Requires; Thick Skin & De wey of true banter
    Quote; War, War nevah charges in Uganda. -NutnOff


  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    51/100 Members
    Est. 8/12/2018

    "Demoralized" is a skill-based, Warzone Competitive spartan company, Sponsored by Huggies cause We're sh!tting on kids” We kinda apologize in advance, but facing us will make you feel very Demoralized, limited to making you cry and wet your pants after your defeat, Oh! Did we just declare victory, yeah! Tea bagging your face so hard you will quit and uninstall halo for fortnite. Dome Shooting you so perfectly, you will spawn back on call of duty. You might need to change out of you Elmo underwear now because your back in kindergarten kid and its nap time, Don't forget to tell your parents, and your -Yoink- girl that we're Demoralized and we are just getting started Don't forget to hide your mother too ;) "Demoralized ant playin"

    • Requirement to joining
    1. Discord Click to join, Add us on Xbox @xX23Richard23Xx, And add @Andrew Jacobs. Subscribe to Richard on Youtube@xX23Richard23Xx for the latest in news follow us on twitter @xX23Richard23Xx & @Andrew Jacobs. Follow Richard on twitch @xX23R1chard23Xx.
    2. Only Good Alts are accepted not new accounts, please limit to 1, Must have 2000 Warzone Games with a 70% win percentage and good arena stats
    3. Must know proper knowledge of Halo 5 and all of the warzone maps. When bosses spawn, Proper call out spots like pride rock and butt hole.
    4. I prefer to have 152s, but any lower level you must rank onyx or champion in any playlist. Unless you've been invited or proved yourself.
    5. When you join us you represent us and our goals And you must meet those requirements. When you look bad we look bad, When you lose, we all lose, by joining you acknowledge that. Trying your best in games is all we want, We want to the best from you. No matter if you're going for bosses, Slaying the enemy team, or showing support by helping in any way.
    6. To summarize up, Get bosses, Slay the enemy team, and use or give teammates requisitions no holding back. Doing callouts are required, so you must Have a mic, knowing the maps are required, know the strategies are very important, Required to Have experience with playing with the best of the best, and also you must beat the best of the best, knowing the enemy team, and the people are an edge on your opponents. Halo5 Is a pretty small community of skilled players we all know each other, We've all played together for years now.
    7. You will be rejected if you are negative in arena and warzone. I will not accept you if your win percentage is below 55%, Your KDA Must be above 2,0. There is good real for this. trust me. You need to win more games and your losses. I will let me know why I rejected you. (message me). We are not shady. You may reapply after what is needed to be fixed is fixed, being rejected will not hurt your chances of joining again unless your spamming invites then you will be blocked.
    • Rules & Regulations
    1. Quitting out of games is absolutely punishable. You will be Verbally warned, Final warning then discharged. We are not quitters! lagging out and crashing is expected
    2. Demoralized members will be treated fairly and they will be respected and never treated or disrespected by other members. Joking around is okay tho. Demoralized members first, When a Demoralized lobby is started, anyone not Demoralized will be kicked when the lobby is full, Room will be madeTea bagging is required, Tea bagging is an act of male domination, which is used to humiliate, enemies rather not be tea bagged, it does need to be painful so, do it for a few minutes. remember Tea bagging is used during hazing or bullying incidents. Required to tea bag every single enemy opponent.
    3. All members should have Mic's and should speak English. required to join the party with the team,
    4. When you're up against the wall, even if your trip capped, You are agreed to go positive against your opposing team. If you take an L, Go down fighting!

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    Heresy Ascended

    80/100 Members
    Est. 3/7/2018

    *We are currently recruiting active players to work towards Achilles

    -Members must play at least 10 matches per week to remain active. (Warzone Firefight and Custom games do not count)

    -Members must log on to Waypoint at least once a week. Weekly goals are sent out on Fridays

    -Members must actively work towards completing Company Commendations

    Commendation Progress
    Level 1: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Level 2: 31/31 complete (100%)
    Level 3: 14/31 complete (45%) (Armor)
    Level 4: 6/31 complete (19%)
    Level 5: 4/31 complete (12%) (Helmet)

    Heresy Ascended is a faction of The Heretic Uprising that wanted to remain active after the coveted Achillies helmet had been achieved. We currently have a mix of members from all skill levels. It doesn't matter if you are a THU veteran or someone who is looking to join a spartan company and somehow found our page. All applicants will be accepted as long as they are not already in a spartan company. If you are in a company already, you must leave that company before waypoint will allow us to accept your join request.

    We understand that life comes first, so if you need to take some time off, please notify administration. Be aware that this exemption is TEMPORARY. We cannot have players go inactive indefinitely.

    "Valar dohaeris"

  6. Spartan Company Emblem


    75/100 Members
    Est. 11/30/2015

    Nuestra compañia Basada en la franquicia de Halo de fue Creada el 30 de Noviembre de 2015 por deragon21 poco despues del Lanzamiento de Halo 5.
    Um lugar para Aquellos Jugadores Que Desean convivir En un ambiente Donde son Aceptados desde Aquellos jugadores con poca Experiencia Hasta los mas veteranos.
    Nuestro principal es conseguir la armadura y casco Aquiles .Quienes quieran Formar parte de la compañia favor de leer Requisitos..

    • Armadura de Aquiles: COMPLETADO (15 enero 2017)
    • Casco Aquiles:
    1. Ser activo.
    2. Unirte al grupo de Facebook, Whatsapp y / o Discord
    3. Contar con Diadema o kinect.
    4. Dejar en tu Solicitud Razones Por Las Cuales Quieres ingresar a la compañia, las personas Que envien la solicitud con El Mensaje Predeterminado seran eliminadas automaticamente.
    Estas son Las Razones Por Las Cuales se te puede dar de baja de la compañia
    • inactividad Máximos de 5 dias
    • Comportamiento agresivo u ofensivo Hacia los Miembros de la compañia
    • Ser cooperativo con los demás miebros (si eres lobo solitario mejor salte de la compañia)
    • Participar en eventos creados por algún administrador de la compañia
    Bienvenido a OLD SCHOOL Spartan
    * CUALQUIER duda un comentarsela
    deragon21 (Lider) o Leincker7 (Teniente) PERROMALO5991 (Teniente)

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    Legendary Achilles

    78/100 Members
    Est. 4/23/2018

    Armour Completed: 6/23/18

    Helmet Completed: 9/12/18

    If you are looking for a grinding company for Achilles, request to join Legendary Achilles 2.

  8. Spartan Company Emblem

    Blitz Team Alpha

    100/100 Members
    Est. 3/3/2017

    "Morior Invictus" - Death Before Defeat
    *Please Read Carefully*
    **We have the armor already. If you join now you will only be able to obtain the helmet**
    Quest for the Achilles helmet and to have fun!
    Armor: 31/31, Obtained 3/3/2018
    Helmet: 17/31 - 87% Complete
    Back at full capacity.
    From The Top Rope: 438 remaining
    First Strike: 197 remaining
    Almost Doesn't Count: 1,760 remaining
    Lucky: 790 remaining
    From Downtown: 1,454 remaining
    Road Trip: 11,198 remaining
    I'm Just Perfect: 7,586 remaining
    Look Ma No Pin: 21,949 remaining
    Something On Your Face: 161,812 remaining
    Too Fast For You: 12,470 remaining
    Sorry Mate: 22,993 remaining
    The Pain Train: 6,918 remaining
    Standard Issue: 259,092 remaining
    Forgot To Pay The Toll: 738 remaining
    *Updated 9/22
    BTA BRAND: Official colors of BTA are any variation of red/black or white/black. Official emblem BTA uses is the Snake emblem, with any variation of red/black/white colors. Colors and emblem are purely optional, just there in case you wish to represent the brand.
    Must be active and contribute in matchmaking, that's where we get our stats. If you go inactive for more than 1 week, you will be discharged. If you've been discharged for inactivity, it is highly unlikely you will be able to re-join. If you leave with out notice or explanation, you will not be allowed to return. No exceptions, you have one shot and one shot only with this Company.
    Be sure to keep an eye out for messages on Waypoint and Xbox Live regarding our contest challenges. Sweet prizes include Req Packs, Xbox Live gift cards and more!
    Ranking system based on completion of personal commendation levels.
    Recruit (0-31):
    Private (32):
    Private Second Class (48):
    Private First Class (64):
    Specialist (80):
    Corporal (96):
    - X66ShadowDragon
    Sergeant (112):
    Staff Sergeant (128):
    - KillingThatcher
    Sergeant First Class (144):
    - Splatterhead 64
    - NukeClearMaster
    Master Sergeant (160):
    - SmoothBridge455
    - AdverseFracture
    - CheetahKing02
    - SpaceHawk26
    First Sergeant (176):
    - Wakra2000
    Sergeant Major (192):
    - heppyj1
    - luiscarlosrc
    Command Sergeant Major (208):
    - NeLL xkaRmAx
    - Sam67Grimm
    Sergeant Major of BTA (224):
    - phantomdeath317
    - T1M3SHIFT
    - UnknownFizzy29
    - DaXOSCURO3
    Chief Warrant Officer (240):
    - Snacci
    Chief Warrant Officer 2 (256):
    - godlikegamr1528
    - Vsk vleJO
    Chief Warrant Officer 3 (272):
    - Biks35
    - AtomeOdin367
    - PaTTyFree
    Chief Warrant Officer 4 (288):
    - LegoDragonLord
    - UG JOKER
    - monstershadow69
    Chief Warrant Officer 5 (304):
    - Misquick 57
    Second Lieutenant (320):
    - ShowTom Evolved
    - MikeyLo2000
    - I Mythxc I
    - camzin 267
    - Hunkiez
    - Crystal Gamurr
    - IQSleepyninja
    First Lieutenant (336):
    - Profoundgamer42
    - JaseIsPlayer1
    - Icyia
    - HaloEMreacH
    - xR3D R3V0LV3Rx
    Captain (352):
    - DemonHunter17JA
    - Xycronic
    - AboardFish22201
    - SixBloodWolf
    - HitBIGT13
    - Ethan9231
    - RudolfMicheal
    Major (368):
    - FKY SpaceCow
    - Migsola
    - JazTheKiller
    - dr3amr1d4
    - halo5prfo9999
    - Z E INI
    Lieutenant Colonel (384):
    - BTA Predator
    - BOUNCINbanjo
    - Yurakii
    - xBALLER 4 LYFEx
    - Gecko Masta
    - Capitan Colter
    - z0rny
    - IsA x leuz
    Colonel (400):
    Brigadier General (416):
    - SSGotHops
    - kaiHamza
    - LEXX2400
    - XxLucilleKill55
    - Altopeachybee
    - glazedonut18
    Major General (432):
    - Ikekk
    - SmoochyHarp473
    - Revan 707
    - Server Denied
    Lieutenant General (448):
    - ItsCirca1995
    - thenighthawkass
    - OozyHyperion47
    - ThugPug98
    - Dark Phantom58
    - SW Covenanter77
    - Clown Shoes 45
    General (464):
    - Castaladin
    - Brozmazter
    - GodsFallShort
    - TheMoscowManiac
    - ItsTrenton117
    - RoastedGoat199
    General of BTA (480):
    - BTA NightFox
    - HyperKillah07
    - Rambo McFly
    - DrE Dc kIILA202
    - KillemDafaux
    - Omega Ivanovic
    *Classified* (505)
    - BTA NightFox

  9. Spartan Company Emblem


    88/100 Members
    Est. 1/15/2017

    Just remember who 3-1 Dominated when it mattered..... but now we're accepting any active and RESPECTFUL player. I will not tolerate any disrespect of any kind towards anyone, being competitive and being hateful are not the same. It's all about LOVE, PEACE AND UNITY.

    Jag älskar dig, mer än du vet <3

    Detroit Code - More Than You Know Montage
    Detroit Code - Back To You Montage
    Detroit Code - If You're Watching This Montage
    Detroit Code - Ocean Eyes Montage

    Detroit Code

  10. Spartan Company Emblem

    The RedCloud Clan

    88/100 Members
    Est. 3/16/2016

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender. The RedCloud Clan Members Never Quit Out of Game's and Play Every Time with Their Personal Honor On The Line Every Time They Play A Game of Halo 5. If You Don't Have Any Personal Honor or Pride As A Halo Player/Gamer Then The RedCloud Clan is Not For You. The RedCloud Clan Member's Learn From Their Mistakes and Grow as Gamer's.
    The RedCloud Clan’s Ranks

    The Highest Rank is the RedCloud Clan Leader/King GT: sP Diversity
    - Once the clan grows past 50 members the King’s rank changes to Emperor.

    Second Highest Rank is the Nobles/Lords - Nobles have been given their rank of Noble by the leader/king - a Noble can’t have any royal guards but instead have honor guards/ honor knights under their command. Nobles can grow their family tree in the clan by adding to their noble house, if their are more than 2 in a Noble’s house then the head of the Noble’s house is now called a Noble Lord or just Lord with what they want to go with Lord. Noble Lords represent their own Noble House.

    The Third Highest Rank is the Royal Guards / Royal Knights - Royal Guards / Royal Knights job is to protect the King/ Leader of the Clan in game. The Royal Guards has their own squad under their command, each member of their squad are now call Honor Guards / Honor Knights and follows the orders of their squad leader the Royal Guard. Before they join the Royal Guards and they are Knights in name then their Name will be a Royal Knights. If they are just a squad a leader when they join the Royal Guards they will just be called Royal Guards.

    The Fourth Highest Rank would be the Honor Guard’s / Honor Knights - The Honor Guard’s / Honor Knights are under the command of a Royal Guard / Royal Knight or a squad leader has agreed to protect a Noble / Noble Lord in the same way the Royal Guards / Royal Knights protect the Leader / King. If a squad leader becomes a Honor Guard / Honor Knight then his / her squad members are now all Honor Guards, if their were any knights in the squad they are now Honor Knight.

    The Fifth Highest Rank are the Squad Leader - The only thing you need to be a squad leader is just have your own 4 man squad that follows your orders, if you’re a knight and you start up a squad then you’re called a Knight leader, all 4 members can be knights in the squad as long as they know who their leader of the squad is. If member’s are not knights then the members are just called soldiers of a squad. Each Squad has their own name in which they go by.

    The Sixth Highest Rank are Knights - Knights can be apart of a squad or run solo. A Knight is a skilled player and can take on multiple opponents and hold side of the map with or without support and gets a minimum of 20 kills a game. Knights are seen as the Elite of the RedCloud Clan when it comes to being individually skilled at Halo.

    The Seventh Highest Rank are Soldiers - Soldiers are apart of a squad and can take and follow order given by their squad leaders. Soldiers will mostly make up a majority of the RedCloud Clan if not then up to half.

    The Eighth Highest Rank are Warriors - Warriors are members of the RedCloud Clan but are not apart of a squad or a Noble house. Warriors will most likely be the other half of the majority of the RedCloud Clan.

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