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  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    XP Junkies

    99/100 Members
    Est. 1/19/2017

    Hey! We're the XP Junkies. It's as simple as that, we LOVE XP and companies are the best way to get extra XP. We're pretty laid back and chalax so join up if you just love to game! We primarily only play Halo 5 but have other games (mostly Halo related). If you are looking for a fun group of crazies to play with, then read on. If you just want a company, just want the helmet, or just want XP, then request to join! We don't care if you've been playing halo for years or are a Christmas Noobie, join up!

    -- 18+ years old. We want mature players ONLY
    -- Weekly Active Players who want more gamer friends
    -- Communicate and play with other members
    -- If you have a mic, that's a BONUS!!!
    -30+ days inactive is subject to being kicked
    -Customs and Campaign do not count as active
    -Staying active on waypoint and/or discord helps

    Include in your Request to Join:
    - Why you wanna join the company
    - Your age
    - Your time zone and when you typically play
    - Why you're awesome
    NO DEFAULT MESSAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED -- We're here to make friends, not build numbers.

    Reasons you may want to join:
    - We are awesome
    - We just like to game and have fun
    - We don't care how good or bad you are

    Achilles Status:
    Tier 1: 31/31 complete
    Tier 2: 31/31 complete (14 November 2017)
    Armor: 31/31 completed (11 February 2018)
    Tier 4: 14/31 completed
    Helmet: 7/31 completed
    Obtaining the helmet is NOT our primary goal. We just like to keep people informed :) :)

    Social Media:
    We have a Discord Page (please check the forums for the link--once accepted). We use this page for almost all of our communication.


    BROCK SAIYIPSON: Face of the company. Obsesses over commendations. Always calls dibs on first strike and gets way too excited during awesome plays. Look out for his ghosts during firefight.

    KelleySpartan87: Founder of the company. The Brawling Beauty of Grifball and Gungoose extraordinaire. Halo's best panic, crouch, and puncher so don't come around the corner or you'll hear a scream.

    Skippy575: Skippy is just...Skippy is wise. He is also on Harvest fighting down the insurrection.

    BubbaSparxxx92: He's loud, he's proud, get used to it. --That's what she said!

    RedHeadURDead: Yell for HELP but watch out, she may have been the one who splattered you! Her laugh will intoxicate you though! HAHA!

    AwakeCrudeWolf: <----, SGT Slaughter: Tries to keep everyone goal oriented. Key word is TRIES. LOL

    LordBaJesus: BTB King. Cool as a cucumber in combat.

    We have 7 active members of our leadership. We work together to make decisions for the company and to keep things running smooth and FUN. Contact us with any issues and message us if we're online and want to play.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Antiperspirants

    100/100 Members
    Est. 5/15/2016

    Achilles Armor Progress: 100% (Acquired 21 Feb 2017)
    Achilles Helmet Progress: 97% (Updated 21 Feb 2018)

    Remaining Commendations:

    • Standard Issue - 380025/388800 (97.74%)
    • Too Fast For You - 16532/19400 (85.22%)
    • Something On Your Face - 242464/291600 (83.15%)
    • The Pain Train - 7994/9700 (82.41%)
    Welcome to the Antiperspirants, a casual Spartan Company seeking active Halo 5 players to help with the grind for Achilles. Spots may open periodically, so feel free to apply, even if we're full. Just be sure to take note of what we are and aren't looking for.

    Requests will be prioritized if:
    • The player has made an effort in their join request
    • The player is active in: Slayer, Big Team Battle, SWAT, Warzone, and/or Warzone Assault
    Requests will be rejected if:
    • The player submits a low effort or default join request
    • The player is active in: Action Sack, Infection, Grifball, Warzone Firefight, and/or Custom Games

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    65/100 Members
    Est. 8/27/2016

    Member social media:

    Second company - Era

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    UNSC Spartan Corps

    36/100 Members
    Est. 12/28/2015

    Together we stand.
    No matter what is happening around us, we must always remember our friends and comrades that has helped us become what we are. Excellence. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

    Note to Applicants: Please read the requirements and the four principles, shown below if you cannot meet or agree to these requirements then your request will be denied. We do not accept the standard message, and you must write a 'unique' message in order to gain entry. Please take in mind we 'screen' people whom request to join this company. This company is Not for everybody, but if you feel like you have the skill, determination, loyalty and the right to join. Then this is the company for you.

    To Our Fallen Soldiers and Friends: You have done your duty. To Honor you is ours
    Bellus Aurum: Leader of the UNSC Artemis Battalion
    AlphaKodi: Leader of the Whispers of Truth

    Welcome to the UNSC Spartan Corps

    The UNSC Spartan Corps is a military based clan. Created for those whom wish to be active,train,and cooperate. We are a serious clan who is made to train with each other and be mature.


    Being inactive will get you discharged


      • Must be 13+
      • Have set profile status to online
      • MUST BE OVER RANK 30
      • MUST HAVE A WORKING microphone
    (NOTICE) [Your request to join the UNSCSC Will be accepted within 24 hours]

      • [VAULE]
    The culmination of these four principles naturally breeds brotherhood and camaraderie. It is this outcome that we desire and rely on in order to be successful overall. So long as you embody these values and remain loyal to the UNSCSC, your fellow soldiers, and your leadership, you will go far and succeed. ​

      • Discipline -The suppression of base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with self control.
        This value is paramount in maintaining a military structure and a successful combat unit.
      • Honor- High respect; esteem.
        Having a high respect, or esteem, for every individual you meet will serve you well within our ranks. This trait will help to build new and lasting bonds between yourselves and others.
      • Integrity-The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness / the state of being whole, or undivided.
        Integrity is the one of the most vital principles which we adhere to in The Spartan Corps, and the UNSC as a whole. Integrity is doing what is right even when nobody is watching you. Also as to being undivided, it speaks to loyalty as well.
      • Respect- A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
        A deep respect for one another and leadership appointed above you is key in maintaining all other aspects of our unit’s well being and uniformity.
    Check daily for messages on Halowaypoint
    (Having trouble with timezone issues? use this website to line up your timezone)
    -Leader [Online]
    -Lieutenants [Active]
    -Members [Active]
    The UNSC Spartan Corps was made to establish a Clan on Halo 5 for those who wish to be in a military based clan with active members.

    Our goal is to make better people through Warzone, Area and Custom games.

    We Operate on the following games: Halo 5, Halo Reach, Halo Master Chief Collection, and Halo Wars

    We are people looking to have fun and at the same time be serious,mature and build teamwork.

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    91/100 Members
    Est. 8/29/2017

    Prevalence: the fact or condition of being prevalent
    Prevalent: having the superiority or asendancy
    This is no Achilles company. Prevalence is purely a competitive warzone company with people that will have some of the best strategies for every warzone map. We do however also enjoy arena games. If you wish to join you must be able to follow orders and be above average skill wise. Microphones are recommended and much appreciated BUT not needed as long as you can take orders. Make sure that you have positive K/D. A 50% win ratio or higher in warzone is recommended but not needed as long as your K/D is positive.

    Please tell us why you deserve to be in Prevalence. Any requests that are not elaborated will be ignored.

    If you do join this company, the required play time will be at least 3 hours a week. We understand that people have to deal with work, school, etc... so the bare minimum of play time to remain in Prevalence will be 3 hours a week, nothing major. However, it is best to try to STAY AS ACTIVE AS POSSIBLE! Strong companies are only possible with many running lobbies almost every single day, so try to stay active! If you will be inactive for more than a week please remember to notify the leaders of Prevalence in order to be excused.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Rank required to join - SR 135+. Anyone that applies with a lower rank WILL BE REJECTED. We do not tolerate low level players in Prevalence. You must have experience in this game and a decent aim. Also if all that interests you are customs, forge, and especially firefight, this is not the company for you.

    Remember, at the end of the day, this company is all about enjoying the company itself and its members, understanding teamwork, and having fun taking endless W's from inferior teams! Apply now if you wish to experience true greatness!

    Youtube Channels:


  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    Hyper Spartans

    99/100 Members
    Est. 10/17/2016


    Somos una compañia que se enfoca actualmente en desbloquear el casco. ACHILLES, recuerda ayudar a completar las condecoraciones de "Matar" y jugar en equipos para hacer el juego más divertido.

    Jugamos en:

    • ARENA
    • PERSONALIZADAS (para calentar antes de entrar al multijugador)
    Objetivos de HYPER SPARTANS:
    • Jugar en equipos WARZONE para desbloquear el casco ACHILLES.
    • Convivir y ayudar a los más nuevos a mejorar.
    *** Si eres nuevo y no me has agregado a XBOX ONE, agregame por favor, mi GAMERTAG es: NOISE CLOUD

    • https://www.youtube.com/c/NoiseCloud

    Unete al grupo oficial de la compañia en Facebook!

    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/H5mex/

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    HW2 Champions

    40/100 Members
    Est. 5/9/2017

    Any season champion player will be accepted in, this is a Spartan Company dedicated to providing a platform in which high level players can network and play with a team in Halo Wars 2.

  8. Spartan Company Emblem


    88/100 Members
    Est. 3/17/2017

    We are accepting everyone that is willing to put in work. Please do not send the default request message.

  9. Spartan Company Emblem

    L I M I T L E S S

    99/100 Members
    Est. 12/19/2015

    🛡 Work Together. Go Far. Limitless
    Achilles Armor Set Progress:
    Armor: Completed (6/4/17)
    ➡ Helmet: 90%

    - Be Active (Players inactive for 4 week will likely be removed unless you message the leader)
    - Be Respectful to your fellow members
    - Must be ranked in matchmaking from any season (Any rank is excepted, players that haven't ranked yet will be rejected)
    - SR 130+ *Recommended*
    - Help out company when needed
    - You mush play *some* Normal Warzone (Every time you get on Halo 5 *try* to get at least 25 Marine kills and at least 10 Ground Vehicle kills a game)

  10. Spartan Company Emblem


    43/100 Members
    Est. 8/28/2016

    ::::El día 15 de Abril sacamos con orgullo la armadura Achilles::::
    No estamos reclutando_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

    1. No ofender a tus compañeros ( cuando ya se conocen es diferente) pero si un miembro me reporta un mal comportamiento sera una llamada de atención si juntas 3 es una expulsión definitiva.
    2. Conectarse por lo menos 3 hrs diarias
    3. Estar al pendiente de las condecoraciones de la compañía en halowaypoint para saber en que ayudar.
    4. ponerse activo ( personas que jueguen en modo desconectado pueden ser baneadas)
    Motivos de expulsión
    1. Inactividad por dos semanas seguidas
    2. Molestar a los compañeros de la compañía
    3. No ayudar en las condecoraciones
    4. No ser sociales puede ser un motivo de expulsión pues al ser un clan hay que cooperar e interactuar, si no estas de acuerdo abandona el clan y dedícate solo a ti.
    5. Jugar listas de juego como tiroteo,personalizadas y sociales ( solo en caso de que el individuo se la pase todo el día ahi) ya que esas actividades no ayudan en nada al clan.
    Enlace al grupo de Facebook: (sino perteneces al clan es obvio que no se te aceptara y si te quieres unir manda mensaje a mi número que esta en la parte de abajo)

    Nueva Mombasa Facebook

    Grupo de Whatsapp:

    +52 272 179 64 63 es mi número para que me envíes un mensaje y te meta al grupo.

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