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    4/100 Members
    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Shadey Goats

    3/100 Members
    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Thy Knight Owls

    12/100 Members
    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Freelancers Anonymous

    4/100 Members
    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Sons of Ire

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    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Company Name Invalid

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    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Est. 10/28/2015

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    Iron Guardians

    4/100 Members
    Est. 10/29/2015

    Welcome to the Spartan Company: Iron Guardians!

    We are a group of people that enjoy playing both Halo 5 and Destiny the Game. We like to play with mature people with positive attitudes, serious skills, good communication, and above all else a mutual respect for one another. We are spread out all over the Nation and each of us has different skill levels and backgrounds.

    Invites are typically sent to people we know and have played with before. If you are interested in joining and have not played with us before please let me know so we can set up your initiation test. It's something both fun and to test your skills as a Iron Guardian candidate.

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    Axis Legacy

    2/100 Members
    Est. 10/28/2015

    Axis Legacy
    Our spartan company is for both competitive players and even raid players. We want Objective players, Slayers, and most of all team players and even guys who have experience with raids. Team players are the most effective players in my opinio. If you want to get in this clan you must 1v1 a member of our choosing or if we know you are qualified to join. After that we will chose to accept you or not. If you have any questions message me on Xbox or kik. Gamertag (Aztarex), kik (mr_schroeder15). NO MERCY, NO WEAKNESS, NO EXECEPTIONS!

    • Mature enough - Its ok to joke around but if you are getting into fights and creating drama, then you won't last long in this Company
    • Skill - We will determine if your fit to join us
    • Team player - We need players that cooperate with each other and will work together easy.
    • Active - If you never get online and never message us then why did you join the Company in the first place? Well if your Job gets in the way of this then tell us, we are not going to kick you out if your doing double shifts we aren't going to kick you because your trying to make money. Let us know and we can work it out.
    • Members must have some sort of communication. Kik, Facebook, and Twitter.
    It is recommended you have a MLG, UMG, PGL, and even a ESL. Even if this is a competitive clan you can still get in if you want to be someone who helps manages the clan, such as recruiting or recording gameplay with a DVR. There are other jobs as well.

    I'm Gabriel Schroeder, and my Gamertag is
    Apex Berserk. I had a clan in Call of Duty Advance Warfare called Apex Arsenal, it had 3 sponsorships from Cinch, no scope glasses, and a bronze sponsorship from Kontrol Freekz. That clan fell apart because of drama and fights. I'm not going to let that happen ever again. I didn't care about my members, I just wanted there skill. That's why I failed to manage a clan. So now I actually try to learn some background from the members of this clan and I do I see this clan as my video game family meaning I will have your back.

    We do are doing a tryout system within our clan to make the best team possible for tournaments. We will try to take 2 teams into tournaments. So there will be 8 players from the clan that can participate if possible.

    The ranking system is simple. There are members, co leaders, and owner. Here is a list of the co leaders. They are all great guys.
    Scott the Popo
    Wyski v2
    Groza OTs

    Clown3dPrinc3 records gameplay of himself and also the clan from his point of view. So take a look at his channel.

    Our instagram is (axis_legacy) and our twitter is (@apexberserk). We are a new clan but we are growing and expanding everyday.

    We have Alliances with 3 clans.
    (The Red Onslaught) leader's kik is (Shadowwittz9000)
    (Valhalla Dragons) leader's kik is (Nsteitz)
    (UPR) leader's kik is (ThatKidJess98)