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  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    Mr Mihoff and Friends

    4/100 Members
    Est. 4/29/2016

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Are F3AR

    2/100 Members
    Est. 4/29/2016

    Join We Are F3AR and fight for glory, honor, and the UNSC!

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    4/100 Members
    Est. 4/29/2016

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    4/100 Members
    Est. 4/30/2016

    There's lots of poosies that need crushin boys

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    3/100 Members
    Est. 4/27/2016

  6. Spartan Company Emblem


    3/100 Members
    Est. 4/28/2016

  7. Spartan Company Emblem

    Exalted gaming

    11/100 Members
    Est. 5/2/2016

    Team meading ever Saturday and training afterwards.

    1. Pleasantmoth47 leader
    2. Txmadmark co leader
    3. Unfadingdemon map builder
    4. Smileatdeath94 well send messager
    5. FerociousTaco5
    6. Ozzy FF
    7. DEPREDADOR11798
    8. FireFrau5t
    9. HAvOKk BraZoUu
    10. MrFr33lancer82
    11. SweptBirch24484
    12. Jokass

    Message pleasantmoth47.

    notes. most have halo 5 and own a mic.

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    Spartan Company Imperial

    4/100 Members
    Est. 5/1/2016

    Put into service on January 7, 2553. This company specializes in rescue operations, civilian extraction, and containment. During the events of Halo 5, Imperial was tasked with over seeing the construction of a UNSC base in New Alexandria on the newly Re-terraformed Reach.


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    2/100 Members
    Est. 5/1/2016

  10. Spartan Company Emblem


    8/100 Members
    Est. 5/1/2016

    Luchamos para servir y servimos para morir hasta que se nos vaya la luz.
    Abierta a toda la gente,unión y amistad.