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    The BT Boys

    6/100 Members
    Est. 4/6/2016

    The BT Boys are an elite team of players that get together to play Halo.

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    The Chiefs Jeesh

    4/100 Members
    Est. 4/6/2016

    We were there during the Chief's major and final battles.

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    The Leigonless

    7/100 Members
    Est. 4/8/2016

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Gocce di Piacere

    4/100 Members
    Est. 4/7/2016

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    Penitent Tangent 115

    8/100 Members
    Est. 4/7/2016

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    Mamba Studios

    1/100 Members
    Est. 4/10/2016

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    Delta Iron Company

    5/100 Members
    Est. 4/10/2016

    Casual Spartan Company here. Literally a bunch of dudes and dudettes having fun here. Message DELTASPARTAN55 if you are interested in joining.
    In the words of our lord and savior, "If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams are something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death." -Monty Oum

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    6/100 Members
    Est. 4/10/2016

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    rek confirmed

    3/100 Members
    Est. 4/11/2016

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    19/100 Members
    Est. 4/10/2016

    Led by your fearless leader Raging Poodle we will foray into battle with our heads held high, except for Fox who will be turtling in a corner somewhere. Please have microphone, win or lose the mission is having fun. This will be an elite company for laughter if not skill.