049 Abject Testament

049 Abject Testament

049 Abject Testament


22.9in (58.2cm)
19.9in (50.6cm)


049 Abject Testament is an ancient Forerunner AI construct. His mandate was to maintain Halo Installation 03 (Gamma Halo) and protect it from the Flood, at any cost.

At some point after the firing of the Halo Array, Abject Testament ceased directing the Installation’s functions. It is unclear as to the circumstances, though the ring’s archives show tens of thousands of reports filed by Installation sub-monitors regarding the poor state of quarantine controls and lack of action on outstanding maintenance and research requests dating back at least twenty thousand years, by human reckoning.

In the year 2557, 859 Static Carillon, keeper of the Composer's Forge, noticed a service portal between the monitors' respective installations had been reactivated. Static Carillon made several attempts to contact Abject Testament about the recent reactivation using secure Forerunner links unavailable to humans, without success. This prompted Static Carillon to travel to Installation 03 and investigate the situation. Once on the installation, Carillon discovered another Forerunner presence and the source of the service portal’s reactivation - the Didact.

The current fate and whereabouts of 049 Abject Testament remain a mystery.

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