Andrew Del Rio

Andrew Del Rio

Andrew Del Rio


Service Number:
Unified Earth Government
5ft 11in (180cm)
210lbs (95.3kg)
May 28, 2500


Andrew Del Rio currently serves as a popular Senator in the Unified Earth Government. Appointed to replace a deceased colleague, Del Rio has proven to be a remarkably able politician and bureaucrat who finds the labyrinthine halls of power in the UEG as comfortable as the halls of a starship.

Captain of the Infinity

Del Rio served as the project manager for UNSC Navy’s secretive superweapon project – the Infinity – during its construction, and as its captain during final fitting and shakedown tour. Though he artfully avoided promotion to Admiral to retain his command at least once, his career was unfortunately ended after Infinity’s fateful discovery of Requiem.

After crashing in the interior of the shield world, Del Rio led the defensive efforts, aided by his executive officer Thomas Lasky and, later, the Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana. Heavily damaged and facing the Didact’s massive Promethean and Covenant army, Del Rio decided to immediately return to Earth and assemble reinforcements. Unfortunately, he did not account for the fact that Lord Hood and most of the other Security Council members would harshly judge his seeming abandonment of the Chief, removing him from command while they began an investigation.

That his initial analysis was proven correct by the failure of the Navy defense fleets to slow or stop the Mantle’s Approach from composing New Phoenix mattered little with the return of Earth’s legendary hero and his victory over the Didact. With no prospect of a new command while the UEG and UNSC investigated the disaster, Del Rio chose to retire, spinning his connections and accumulated favors into a rewarding, if obscure, political posting in the Jovian colonies.

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