Fringe Smuggler

Covenant Fringe
Languages Spoken:
Trade Pidgin, Yonhetian (native)


Axl is a member of the Yonhet, an alien race native to a small moon called Yonhe, and who appear to be very talented at acquiring a large variety of difficult to find items. When the Yonhet initially came into contact with the Covenant, they were viewed as militarily insignificant, and with such a tiny population, there was little value in considering them as full signatories to the Covenant Empire. However, their talents gave them flexibility and a high degree of tolerance within the Covenant. Moreover, their cynical but devoted adherence to the potential benefits of the Great Journey meant that their loyalty was never in question.

Fringe Benefits

The Yonhet are considered part of the “Covenant fringe”, a collection of species scattered throughout the Orion Arm that both provide various strategic and infrastructure-related advantages as well as posing no real military threat to Covenant Empire. With the war focus shifting, and attentions turned back towards human expansion and rebuilding efforts, ONI and the UNSC are just beginning to gather the first bits of intelligence on the exact nature and size of the Fringe.


Axl and many others of his species largely remained in hiding until the Human-Covenant War was over. This was both because it was a fight that wasn’t their own, and because the growing scale of the conflict had made exploration and trade much too dangerous and difficult. In the past few years, the Yonhet have begun to emerge in hopes that the coast is clear enough to make a profit from the fleeting peacetime and political uncertainty. In the opinion of more than a few Sangheili, the Yonhet are considered more reliable than even the Kig-Yar. With the chaos and confusion of the Treaty period, fledgling Covenant warlords have begun to turn to the Yonhet more often to take advantage of their natural skill at sniffing out Forerunner relics. The interaction between these new warlords and the fringe species’ varies greatly however. Where some Covenant leaders have seen fit to elevate particular individuals to more trusted roles, others have taken a more oppressive approach. This has led to multiple isolated reports of Yonhet mistreatment and even enslavement by Sangheili warlords desperate for a larger share of the reemerging Covenant power structure.

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