Benjamin Giraud

Benjamin Giraud

Benjamin Giraud


ONI Contractor


Benjamin Giraud is a reporter, photographer, and civilian contractor for the Office of Naval Intelligence.


In 2552, Giraud worked as a public relations consultant for AMG Transport Dynamics in the city of New Mombasa on Earth. In truth, this was merely a cover story and he had actually been hired by ONI to help edit battle footage and prevent the general public from learning how badly humanity’s war with the Covenant was going.

Giraud met Petra Janecek during the Battle of New Mombasa and the two observed Spartan John-117 battling to save humanity from the Covenant. He was among the survivors evacuated prior to the glassing of the city.


In 2558, Giraud was asked to conduct a series interviews for a campaign about the Master Chief, an assignment that proved to be far more challenging than expected.

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