Edward Buck

Gunnery Sergeant
Draco III
Service Number:
6ft 2in (188cm)
196lbs (89kg)
August 22, 2510


Born on the idyllic colony world of Draco III to working-class parents, Edward Buck displayed strong leadership skills and perseverance, even before his military career began. He enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps in 2528 and was immediately sent to training facilities on Earth and, later, Reach. His early career in the Marines was laudable, including a harrowing six-month rotation in the ruins of Harvest’s capital city in the 2531 liberation campaign. It was this operation that secured the success of his application to the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) course in 2532.

Buck served on the front lines in the war against the Covenant for over two decades, establishing himself as an incredibly dedicated leader and deadly warrior even among the elite ranks of the ODST. Though he told only his closest companions, his only regret during the war was that he was not able to participate in the defense of Draco III when it was invaded in 2545. His desire for revenge may have eventually resulted in his death had he not become romantically involved with the enigmatic Veronica Dare and learned to temper his bloodlust.

After fighting in the doomed defense of New Alexandria during the fall of Reach, Buck returned to Earth. When the Covenant tried to gain footing in the African city of New Mombasa on October 20, 2552, Buck led Alpha-Nine, a hand-picked squad of ODSTs. They dropped into the heart of the besieged city in search of an ONI-designated Tier One asset. Despite the unit being scattered upon entry, Buck located each teammate, secured the asset, and succeeded in his mission.


Following the close of the Covenant War in 2553, Buck was approached by Spartan Jun-A266, who attempted to recruit the veteran ODST trooper into the growing SPARTAN-IV program. To the Jun’s surprise, Buck declined the offer, wanting to remain with his current team. In 2554, Buck and the rest of Alpha-Nine were sent to Draco III - Buck's homeworld - to help quell a dangerous rebel uprising against the UNSC. Eventually, Alpha-Nine found themselves in a standoff with Captain Ingridson of the insurgency in the New Albany capitol building, which was being used as the rebels' local headquarters. With Captain Ingridson holding the Rookie hostage, Buck was alerted by Spartan Sarah Palmer to encroaching rebel reinforcements surrounding the building. Once his team was in position, Buck signaled for Mickey and Dutch to engage the rebels inside the building while Palmer and her Spartan-IVs engaged forces outside. Though both Buck and Palmer's respective crews would prove successful, it would come at great cost; during the conflict, Captain Ingridson executed the Rookie in cold blood, an event that would forever change the remaining members of Alpha Nine.


After the Rookie's funeral, Buck spoke once again with Jun-A266, and was told that approval had been handed down to allow the rest of Buck's remaining team into the SPARTAN-IV program as well. With this news, Buck finally relented. With the Rookie KIA and Dutch choosing to finally retire, Buck, Romeo, and Mickey joined the fledgling Spartan ranks. Alpha-Nine's integration into the program would certainly not come without incident, including enduring a terrorist attack during training which claimed the life of Captain O'Day, who served as the recruits' drill instructor.

In 2555, Buck and his squad were assigned to a mission on the outer colony of Talitsa, where they were to rescue and retrieve two high-value assets for ONI that had been captured by insurgents: the Huragok Quick to Adjust, and Sadie Endesha, its human handler. On the way to their intended mission objective, Mickey turned on Buck and Romeo, revealing that he could no longer live supporting the UNSC’s seemingly anti-colonial independence sentiment. As Buck and Romeo were being escorted to the insurgents' base, tensions boiled over and a conflict ensued. Using their newfound Spartan superiority to their advantage, Buck killed the rebel leader and overpowered Mickey, rendering him unconscious. Romeo eliminated the remaining insurgents and proceeded to rescue both Quick to Adjust and Sadie while Buck kept watch over Mickey, waiting for him to regain consciousness. Once the mission was accomplished, Mickey was escorted back to Mars and subsequently incarcerated.

After receiving high commendations for his actions on Talitsa, Buck requested to be placed on a new squad, this time as simply a member rather than a leader. His current status remains classified.



  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo 5: Guardians


  • Halo: New Blood

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