Colonel Watts

Robert Watts

Robert Watts

Leader of United Rebel Front

6ft 1in (186cm)
212lbs (96.2kg)
August 16, 2455


Once a true believer in the ideals of the Unified Earth Government, Robert Watts was a decorated and highly regarded commander within the UNSC Marine Corps until first-hand experience with independence movements in the Outer Colonies made him disillusioned with Earth’s policies. After defecting from the UNSC, Robert Watts led rebels against Colonial Military Authority (CMA) forces on a number of worlds. His experience, charisma, and success eventually allowed him to become a high-ranking member of the United Rebel Front, a composite of insurrection cells that created great havoc throughout human-occupied space.


In the late 2480’s, the highly esteemed Colonel Robert Watts suddenly defected from active military service after spending years on the frontlines of the burgeoning colonial conflict. He re-emerged as the head a well-armed rebel cell on Eridanus II, taking effective control of the colony by January 2495.

A number of counter operations in the years that followed broke Watts’ hold on Eridanus II and splintered other rebel factions by taking out their leadership. What remained of those entities eventually realigned under Watts leadership and were subsequently branded by the UNSC as the ‘united rebel front,’ a pejorative, but one that the rebels came to adopt as a badge of honor.

Watts eventually rebuilt enough strength to strike at Eridanus II’s government once more, hoping to use it as a base of operations and drag the CMA into a costly guerilla war. The UNSC, however, had anticipated this and collided with the United Rebel Front as part of Operation: TREBUCHET, decimating the rebel forces before they could establish themselves on the planet. What remained of the Front eventually constructed a stronghold within Eridanus Secundus, an asteroid colony in the star system’s largest belt.

The site’s location eventually leaked to ONI, who initiated a special forces operation codenamed TALON in 2525, using newly commissioned SPARTAN-II commandos. A small strike force of super-soldiers penetrated the rebel stronghold and abducted Watts, effectively severing the head of the United Rebel Front.



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