Douglas Rutland

Senior Chief Petty Officer
Service Number:
UNSC Navy (S-II)
7ft 4in (223.8cm)
302lbs (136.9kg)
April 21, 2511


Born on the remote world of Asphodel, Douglas Rutland was abducted at the age of six and integrated into the classified SPARTAN-II project. He was designated Douglas-042 and conditioned for a life of war as a super-soldier of remarkable strength, agility, and combat prowess. As a Spartan, Douglas-042 served primarily as part of Red Team during the Human-Covenant War. In 2531, Red Team was deployed on Arcadia and tasked with defending the city of Pirth from the Covenant's brutal assault. 

Spirit of Fire

It was on Arcadia that Red Team synched up with the ground forces of UNSC Spirit of Fire, which had pursued Covenant ships from the battered world of Harvest. Integrated into Spirit's numbers, Red Team helped repel the Covenant invasion and prevent the enemy from gaining access to a mysterious set of ruins on the far side of the world. Red Team left Arcadia aboard the Spirit of Fire in pursuit of a Covenant vessel to a remote Forerunner shield world. On this strange planet, they assisted in the destruction of ancient Forerunner ships that would have been used against humankind were the Covenant to acquire them. Douglas-042 and his team remained stranded aboard the Spirit of Fire when the ship's slipspace drive was sacrificed in order to destroy the shield world. His current status is unknown.

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