Service Number:
Spartan Branch (S-III)
New Harmony
6ft 11in (211.6cm)
244lbs (111.1kg)
February 28, 2524


Jun-A266 is a Spartan-III super-soldier and the last surviving member of Noble Team. He is currently the acting Chief of Staff and head recruiter of the Spartan service branch, serving under Admiral Musa. Though technically retired from the UNSC Army and a civilian, he remains a deadly combatant more than capable of holding his own, even alongside the current generation of Spartans.

Jun was born in the city of Tyumen on the colony of New Harmony just prior to the Covenant War. One of the youngest orphans to be abducted for the SPARTAN-III project, Jun grew to be an expert marksman and seasoned scout, though complications with his augmentations nearly crippled him. Following graduation at the age of 12, he became one of Alpha Company’s best Spartan-III assets, where his skill as a sniper soon had him leading a headhunter team conducting missions directly for ONI. While he rarely speaks of this period, it can be surmised that he was responsible for tracking down and killing a number of rebel leaders who broke the tentative ceasefire between the UNSC and hostile militia groups after the attack on Harvest. Nevertheless, his performance was exemplary, leading to his selection as a member of the Special Warfare group’s elite Noble Team.

In July 2552, the Spartan fireteam was called to Reach to investigate a downed relay. Here Jun, as Noble Three, played an important part in discovering and assessing a Covenant invasion force. During the battle which followed, Jun bravely defended the planet until he and what was left of his team were ordered to the classified Sword Base. It was there, deep below the classified ONI facility, where he learned of Doctor Catherine Halsey’s research on the alien race known as the Forerunners. He was then ordered to split off from Noble and escort Halsey to the relative safety of Castle Base. Jun eventually escaped Reach and was later selected to lead the development of SPARTAN-IV alongside Admiral Musa.


Somewhat of a loner by nature, Jun only competes with himself and has little time for trivial personality conflicts that impede efficiency. Though he is vocal and not afraid to speak his mind, Jun is always tightly focused on the mission at hand. Some mistake this for a deep philosophy, but in truth, it is more pragmatic than mystical. As a Spartan-III he was no stranger to loss and witnessed some of the best and brightest of humanity's youth be sacrificed--sometimes pointlessly--for temporary gain. He views the Spartan-IV program and the Spartan branch as a necessary compromise between the creation of child-janissaries and the need for super-soldiers in an extremely dangerous galaxy. To this end, he takes his duties as recruiter and training overseer with deadly seriousness, and is uncompromising in his review process of potential Spartan inductees. Although he has personally recruited Spartans that have eventually gone rogue or failed the training process, to those on the outside he often seems unconcerned. Only Musa is aware that Jun secretly takes even those events as evidence of the success of the Spartan-IV project, as those men and women had a choice as to what they would eventually become.

Though now he rarely has the opportunity to use his skills in the field, Jun is widely recognized as one the most talented snipers alive, though he is loath to boast such. His ability to maintain situational awareness and predict enemy behavior is particularly notable, as is his attention to detail while conducting overwatch. Even as a civilian his keen eye and ability to discern motivations from seemingly casual contact is almost preternatural. Jun often downplays this ability, describing it as a combination of simple deduction and great skill at being able to lip-read (or mandible-read, in the case of Sangheili).

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