Lieutenant Commander

Service Number:
New Harmony
6ft 9in (205.7cm)
244.9lbs (111.1kg)
January 30, 2530
August 23, 2552


An inspired tactician and brilliant warrior, Kat-B320 was hand-picked to serve outside the standard SPARTAN-III deployment plans as a result of her exceptional abilities and potential. Withdrawn from combat shortly before Operation: TORPEDO, which resulted in the deaths of nearly all of Beta Company, Kat was eventually placed on Noble Team, under the command of Carter-A259, where she excelled in battlenet management, tactical planning, and intelligence synthesis.

Kat-B320 was born in the city of Monastir, one of the three "jewel cities" on the colony of New Harmony. Though her father had already been killed in action on Harvest and her mother died of cancer in 2536, the fact that her living grandmother was a retired Army General meant her conscription into the SPARTAN-III program would arouse too many political issues. However, when Kat's grandmother was killed during the fall of New Harmony, ONI seized the chance to induct Kat. Brilliant, athletic, and beholden to the UNSC even before her indoctrination began, Kat was marked for special assignment shortly after her augmentations were completed. She and Carter-A259 formed the core of Noble Team, a unit found within a special tasks division of the SPARTAN-III program assigned to SPECWARCOM.

During the battle for the colony of Fumirole in April of 2552, Kat lost her arm while attempting to infiltrate a Covenant cruiser positioned just above the capital city. Although she quickly recovered, the mission claimed teammate Thom-293 and continued to haunt Kat sometime after. In late August of 2552, Kat was preparing to evacuate New Alexandria with the rest of Noble Team when she was shot down by a Sangheili sniper, though her contributions to the team proved invaluable in the completion of their mission on Reach.

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