Kelly Shaddock

Spartan Petty Officer, First Class
Service Number:
UNSC Navy (S-II)
6ft 11in (211cm) [With Armor]
247lbs (112kg) [Without Armor]
September 21, 2510


Spartan Kelly-087 is an ally and possibly the closest friend to John-117, having trained alongside him in the SPARTAN-II program and fought alongside him through the late years of the Insurrection and most of the Human-Covenant War. Kelly prefers full-shield masks in combat, and for this reason favors GEN1 Mark IV through Mark VI variants of PILOT or EVA armor. Given her speed and ability to quickly close the gap between herself and opponents, Kelly often relies on the shotgun or other close-quarters weapons when in combat.

Early Life

Kelly Shaddock was born on the inner colony of Imber in 2511 and selected for integration into the SPARTAN-II project at a very young age. In 2517, she was abducted, brought to the planet Reach, and given the name Kelly-087. During the initial years of her training, she was repeatedly resistant to the indoctrination, generally out of fear and anger. Over time, she acquiesced and was eventually molded into one of the most renowned of Spartan-II super-soldiers in active duty. For most of her career, Kelly-087 was placed alongside John-117 on Spartan Blue Team, but during several instances--most notably Operation: RED FLAG--she was paired with Frederic-104 on Red Team as second-in-command.


Among all active S-II personnel, Kelly maintains the quickest reflexes and is easily the fastest recorded Spartan, capable of running at speeds in excess of 65kph within current MJOLNIR GEN2 systems. This impressive ability earned her the pet name of “Rabbit” among other Spartans. However, it has also placed her into specific roles with increased danger, including diversionary and ingress activities that could not be accomplished outside of her extraordinary speed.


By 2558, Kelly-087 had engaged in 201 military operations (124 full campaigns)--more than any other Spartan save for MCPO John-117. Two of her most noteworthy missions were Operation: PALE SHADOW and Operation: HEMORRHAGE. During PALE SHADOW, she triggered a reactor breach leading to a 50 megaton blast at a Covenant forward operating base, single-handedly saving the city of New Kona on the colony of Eirene. In HEMORRHAGE, she was covertly sent into the heart of the Covenant fleet in order to infiltrate a vital capital ship. Once inside, she sent this vessel on a collision course with its own fleet, destroying half the enemy’s vessels in the process. She also played a significant role in the ground campaigns on Reach and afterward, when she was abducted by Catherine Halsey, an event referred to as the Onyx Conflict.

Current Status

Kelly-087 is a general combat operator within Blue, which includes team leader Frederic-104 and Linda-058. After the end of the war and the recovery of those trapped within the shield world of Onyx, Blue Team redeployed on the outer fringes of human-occupied territory to assist with military security at remote UNSC sites and to eliminate any pockets of Covenant that remained. These highly classified operations continued for a number of years, under the direct supervision of ONI. Due to the secrecy of these operations and the missions that followed, Blue Team’s status is currently unknown.

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