Linda Pravdin

Spartan Petty Officer, First Class
Service Number:
UNSC Navy (S-II)
7ft (213cm) [with armor]
242lbs (110kg) [without armor]
March 19, 2511


Linda Pravdin was born on the outer colony of Verent in 2511. She was the earliest known candidate for the SPARTAN-II program. Even among other Spartans, Linda is notably more taciturn and oftentimes eerily calm during combat, a demeanor occasionally perceived as adversarial despite the close relationships she maintains with a number of her peers. Of all active Spartan-IIs, Linda’s the most capable of operating on her own, well outside the boundaries of a standard fireteam. This confidence has dictated her activities on the battlefield, particularly within her marksman role, where she’s often pitted against extreme range targets or forced to provide cover to fellow teammates. Linda’s visual acuity and deft skill with ranged weapons like special application rifles are unparalleled, and she’s historically been considered one of the UNSC’s most prodigious snipers. Linda wears custom Mjolnir armor and utilizes a Sniper Rifle that befit her unique and impressive combat talents.

By the year 2558, Linda-058 had engaged in a total of 189 military operations (174 full campaigns), most of which were during the Human-Covenant War. Although Linda has maintained an incredible record of combat success over the years, she has two that stand out above the rest. The first, Operation: HORN AND HIDE, where she deployed on the Jiralhanae outpost world of Odenli’sh and took out a vital San’Shyuum missionary. With the second mission, Operation: FIRST STRIKE, Blue Team deployed on an enormous Covenant fleet assembled at Unyielding Hierophant, a command-and-control station preparing ships to assault Earth. Here, she provided critical sniper cover, allowing her team to escape before overloading the station’s reactors and wiping out the base and all proximal vessels.

Current Status

Linda-058 is currently a scout combat operator within Blue Team, which includes John-117, Frederic-104, and Kelly-087. After the end of the Human-Covenant War and the recovery of those trapped within the shield world of Onyx, Blue Team was redeployed on the outer fringes of human-occupied territory to eliminate lingering pockets of Human-Covenant conflict. These highly classified operations continued for a number of years, under the direct supervision of ONI. In July 2557, Blue team was reunited with the Master Chief. Together they faced off with the Didact, who had been transported to Gamma Halo after his defeat at the hands of the Master Chief and Cortana during the events of New Phoenix. Blue Team eventually secured a narrow victory over the Didact, and upon returning to Earth, they turned down the opportunity for R&R, instead embarking on missions that remain classified.

On October 23, 2558, Blue Team was deployed by UNSC Infinity for Operation: BIRD IN HAND, an effort to wrest control of the ONI’s Argent Moon from Jul 'Mdama’s Covenant forces. During the operation, Cortana, believed to be dead for over a year, somehow communicated to John-117. Being led by her to the colony of Meridian, the Chief, Linda, and the rest of Blue Team ignored UNSC orders and found their way onto a Forerunner machine known as a Guardian. This ancient construct brought them to a mysterious world called Genesis, where Cortana revealed that she had not only survived her harrowing encounter with the Didact, but she had assumed full control of vital aspects of the Forerunners’ galaxy-spanning power, and planned to enact martial law for the purposes of peace. When the Chief, Linda, and the others on Blue Team attempted to stop her, she prepared to lock them away, but was stopped when they escaped her capture with the aid of Spartan Fireteam Osiris (October 28, 2558).

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