Lord of Admirals



Lord of Admirals

Ancient Human
Charum Hakkor


Forthencho, the Lord of Admirals, was a senior naval officer and one of the most successful and highly-decorated warriors during the simultaneous wars with both the Forerunners and the Flood, over one hundred millennia ago. Forthentcho believed that the Flood could be used against the Forerunners, taking pressure off the ancient human resistance, and turning the tables of the conflict. In the end, he was overruled by Yprin Yprikushma, who was the Political and Morale Commander of the human government. Eventually, fighting on two fronts became too much to handle, and the Forerunners defeated the human forces, effectively ending the war on the ancient human capital world of Charum Hakkor.


On Charum Hakkor, Forthencho the remaining human forces were pushed back to the Citadel Charum, an ancient Precursor ruin; here they made their final stand. After humanity’s eventual defeat at the hands of the Didact’s forces, the Forerunner general met with Forthencho in person. As a sign of respect for a fellow warrior, the Didact promised to uphold the plans the Librarian had laid to secure humanity’s long-term future as a species in accordance to the Mantle. However, humanity was eventually “debased” from their advanced and space-faring state to a far more primitive form as penance for their crimes against ecumene.

Believing humanity held the “cure” to defeat the Flood, the Forerunner Old Council ordered the use of the Composer in order to process and splinter the essences of Forthencho and thousands of other humans. The Old Council hoped that by putting the human essences through what amounted to a long-term digital interrogation, they would finally be able to understand humanity’s apparent defense against the Flood.


Over nine thousand years after humanity’s defeat, Forthencho's archived essence was implanted by the Librarian into the genetic material of a human named Chakas. In time, Chakas learned to connect and converse with Forthencho’s essence. Eventually, Chakas was captured by Mendicant Bias, an incredibly powerful Forerunner ancilla not only in the throes of rampancy, but also in control of a Halo. Promising humanity revenge against the Forerunners, Mendicant Bias removed Forthencho's imprint from Chakas and placed it into the shell of a monitor to assist in using Installation 07 against the ecumene. Inevitably, the plan failed as the Didact’s forces took back control of the Halo. Forthencho’s essence was recombined with Chakas, and their unified mind became the basis of a new monitor’s creation: 343 Guilty Spark.

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