Master Builder

Master Builder

Master Builder


Master Builder
110962 BCE


In terms of intellect and political clout and, the rate of Builder was widely considered to be the most powerful and influential caste in Forerunner society. Within the Builder rate, the highest attainable rank was called the Master Builder, which served as the head of the Builder rate, and guided the efforts of all constituent guilds.

The final known individual to hold this rank was an incredibly powerful Forerunner named Faber-of-Will-and-Might. Wielding incredible intellect and influence, Faber became as ruthless as he was cunning. Though the Master Builder and the Didact spent much of their early careers as friends, time and circumstance saw them become political arch-rivals and eventually sworn enemies. The cause of this stemmed largely due to the Didact’s adamant opposition to the creation and implementation of the Halo Array, the design and construction of which was commissioned by the Master Builder. After many millennia of increasing conflict, the discord eventually culminated in both the Master Builder’s takeover of the Forerunner Old Council as well as the exile of the Didact.

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