Michael ‘Sully’ Sullivan

Michael ‘Sully’ Sullivan

Michael ‘Sully’ Sullivan


Emerald Cove
Service Number:
6ft 1in (185.4cm)
183.2lbs (83.1kg)
September 3, 2510


Known as ‘Sully’ to his friends, Michael Sullivan was born on Emerald Cove to Steven and Evelyn Sullivan. While growing up, Sully saw his father very little, only aware that he held a position within the UNSC as a researcher. This meant that he and his two younger brothers were predominantly raised by his mother. Sullivan’s attitude and demeanor were generally laid back, sometimes verging on aloof and lackadaisical. This led to his father’s mandate that he attend a military school such as CAMS for structure, something his mother did not agree with as it sent him away from home.


Upon arriving at CAMS, Sully gained some measure of discipline, though he spent a considerable amount of effort doing everything in his power to avoid any real hardships. However, access to the school’s extensive technological resources afforded him new opportunities to explore another passion of his: software manipulation, hacking, and network subversion. It was at CAMS that he discovered ONI files revealing the existence of both Spartans and the Covenant, though he did not know what they were at the time. Sully never finished his education at CAMS as the Covenant found and attacked Circinius IV in April 2526.


The fall of Circinius IV had a profound effect on Sully. Despite his outwardly jovial attitude, witnessing the deaths of his friends and schoolmates at the hands of the Covenant hardened Sully more than any suspected. After graduating from OCS, Sully’s cold rationality and willingness to go to any extreme in the war against the alien invaders unnerved his Navy superiors, but brought him to the attention of ONI. ONI assigned him to Section One, where his talent for information gathering, knowledge synthesis, and cryptography was put to good use.


Following the Covenant War, Sully moved to a leadership position in Section Two, taking on the public-facing role of Senior Communications Director. It was in this capacity that Sully reached out to Benjamin Giraud in 2558, presenting him with the chance to have unprecedented access to information related to the Master Chief.

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