Petra Janecek

Petra Janecek

Petra Janecek


5 Ft. 7 In. (170cm)
121 Lbs (54 Kg)
May 4, 2511


Petra Janecek is a born investigator, muckraker, and truth-seeker who lets nothing – even war – get in the way of a good story. While Petra is most well-known from her reporting during the Covenant War, her most critically acclaimed work focused on the SPARTAN-II project in the last few years of the conflict. Her career has often placed her in challenging contexts, which have included active military engagements, which has helped to give her a physical and mental edge most civilians lack.

Although she spends much of her time traveling and has no issue with cutting corners in formal process for the sake of the end, Petra is a perfectionist and stickler for details. Despite hiding it well, she’s often found herself conflicted about her own role within the Unified Earth Government’s media sphere, and has grown tired of churning out stories that are often used solely for propaganda.


Petra was born in the city of Serif, on the colony of Lenapi on May 4, 2511. At a young age her family moved to the Martian city of Tricode Village, where she became friends with Thomas Lasky and attended a local Cub Reporting School, which had a seminal effect on her future career.

Janacek’s work gained significant notoriety over the course of the Covenant War, yielding several awards and even allowing her extremely limited access to different theaters of the war. In late 2552, Janecek managed to see the Covenant invasion firsthand, both during the battle for New Mombasa, and the conflict in Voi almost one month later. After the war ended, Janecek traveled to the colony of Forseti to research some of the work she had connected, including a distress signal she had recovered from the field regarding the Forerunner installation known as the Ark.

In March 2558, Janecek reunited with her old friend and now-Captain Thomas Lasky along with Spartan Naiya Ray in the city of Castiglone, on Escala III. She had been hunting down a story on a colonial diplomat, but was requested by Lasky to help uncover the identity of a mole in the UNSC. Janecek took Lasky and Ray to the Sangheili colony of Karava, and in the port city of Kor Delban they located Zef ‘Trahl (a Sangheili contact), who provided them information on the UNSC mole, and his accessories. In exchange for this information, Lasky promised Janecek information about the Master Chief’s return for a story, a fact which had been kept from the public since the attack of New Phoenix in July 2557.


Ironically it would be a story about the Master Chief that would place her at perhaps the greatest odds with the Office of Naval Intelligence, thanks to an investigation led by colleague Benjamin Giraud.

While originally commissioned from within ONI itself as a propaganda piece, Ben’s work uncovered a number of unsettling truths about ONI practices and programs, spurring him to reach out to Petra for assistance. Despite the danger, Petra found herself unable to abandon the opportunity to seek out justice for those that ONI was desperately attempting to silence.

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