Kojo "Romeo" Agu

Lance Corporal
Service Number:
6ft 3in (190cm)
200lbs (91kg)
June 12, 2524


Romeo joined the UNSC Marine Corps in 2541, where he served as a scout, marksman, and sniper in numerous, successive campaigns, and in the end meeting Corporal Taylor “Dutch” Miles. Not long after the conflict on Ariel, Romeo, and Dutch were transferred to Alpha-Nine under the wing of Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck. Eventually, they executed a top-secret operation right into the heart of the city of New Mombasa, in hopes of securing a Tier One asset the Covenant were pursuing. During the battle that followed, Romeo was gravely injured by a Brute chieftain near the NMPD headquarters building. Miraculously, however, he survived as the remainder of his squad completed their objective.


After the Covenant War, Romeo continued to serve in Alpha-Nine as the UNSC turned more attentions to a growing human insurgency. One such mission against rebel forces on Draco III would claim the life of the Rookie, an event that had a profound impact on Romeo and the rest of Alpha-Nine. Eventually, Romeo, Buck, and Mickey were recruited and accepted into the SPARTAN-IV program, where the hardened helljumpers tried to transition from simply squadmates to supersoldiers. In August 2555, now-Spartans Romeo, Buck and Mickey were assigned a mission on Talitsa to rescue Quick to Adjust - who was now known simply as "Vergil" - as well as Sadie Endesha. Both the Huragok and its human handler had been abducted by insurrectionist forces.

Unfortunately, while the three Spartans were still approaching the insurgents' base, Mickey turned on Romeo and Buck, initiating a rebel ambush. While the rebels escorted Romeo and Buck back towards the stronghold, Romeo held nothing back in berating his former comrade, eventually eliciting an angered response from Mickey, who attacked Romeo and sent him tumbling down a slope. When the bulk of the surrounding insurgents followed however, it was Romeo who turned the tables on the rebels, who proved no match for the new Spartan. Simultaneously, Buck was able to eliminate the rebel leader and overpower Mickey. Buck would stand watch over the incapacitated traitor while Romeo finished the original mission, rescuing Vergil and Sadie from the rebel outpost. Upon returning to Mars, they turned Mickey over to Jun-A266 for trial and incarceration. Romeo and Buck were reassigned to another Spartan team at the latter's request, though the exact nature of their new assignments remain classified.

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