Artificial Intelligence
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Activation Date:
December 19, 2512


The Superintendent of New Mombasa was a second-generation “dumb” AI, who like other urban infrastructure constructs, managed a vast array of municipal functions within humanity’s many large-scale cities. However, New Mombasa’s AI Superintendent carried a particular subroutine called “Vergil,” designed by the construct’s architect, Doctor Daniel Endesha, to care for his daughter, Sadie. The subroutine monitored Sadie via the vast network of cameras and microphones around the city.

Intriguingly, the Vergil subroutine was used for substantially during the Covenant’s occupation of the city, when it became a critical factor in the war. During a seismic scan of the local territory, Endesha had previously discovered a massive Forerunner artifact buried between the Kenyan cities of New Mombasa and Voi. This ancient machine would prove to be the primary source of the Covenant's attention upon their arrival at Earth.

Alpha-Nine, the ODST squad led by Edward Buck, was tasked with the securing of this data from the Superintendent’s mainframe buried deep below an ONI facility. The team acquired this critical information, but only after Vergil’s findings had been transferred to a renegade Covenant Huragok. Escaping the city with the Huragok, Alpha-Nine successfully delivered the data to the Office of Naval Intelligence. This information proved crucial for the UNSC as they prepared to face the large-scale invasion by the remainder of the Covenant forces.

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