Thomas Lasky

Thomas Lasky

Thomas Lasky


Service Number:
5ft 11in (182cm)
169lbs (76.7kg)
August 15, 2510


Thomas Lasky was destined for military service, even though he viewed the complexities around the Insurrection as ethically problematic when he first began training at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science (CAMS). His enrollment was due in large part to his mother’s high status in the UNSC, as well as the early success of his brother Cadmon's proud service as an ODST. Thomas Lasky's days at Corbulo Academy were rife with challenges, from dealing with his brother's death, to struggling with a severe allergic reaction to cytoprethaline--the chemical used by individuals undergoing long-distance travel in cryo-stasis. As the difficulties mounted, his performance continued to decline, as did his teammates’ trust in his leadership and abilities.

However, against all odds, Thomas began taking steps towards becoming the leader his teachers and fellow pupils saw inside of himself. On April 26, 2526, his path took an unexpected turn when the Covenant invaded Circinius IV and assaulted Corbulo Academy. When all seemed lost, Lasky and the surviving members of Hastati Squad were found by Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, who had answered a distress call along with fellow Spartan-II personnel Fred-104 and Kelly-87. During the escape, Thomas commandeered a Warthog and helped the Master Chief lead the surviving students to safety, though he lost close friend, Chyler Silva, in the evacuation attempt.

It was the Covenant’s assault on the colony of Circinius IV that launched Thomas into an accomplished military career and eventually into the position of executive officer of the UNSC Infinity. Throughout this time, Lasky played a vital role in humanity’s rebuilding efforts and saw the discovery of a new Forerunner shield world called Requiem. During the events on Requiem, he once again assisted the Master Chief, joining both him and Cortana in the fight against the Didact. After Captain Del Rio had been relieved of command, Lasky rose to serve as Infinity’s commanding officer during the Didact’s assault on Earth. He went on to captain the Infinity when the UNSC returned to the world of Requiem to deal with lingering Covenant hostilities.

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