Usze 'Taham

Usze 'Taham

Usze 'Taham

Swords of Sanghelios

7ft 11in (241.3cm)
355 Lbs (161kg)


Assigned to the Fleet of Retribution's security force by his commander, Rtas 'Vadum, Usze is one of the deadliest SpecOps commandos alive. His abilities proved invaluable in assisting the Master Chief and the Arbiter in their operations during the defense of Earth and final showdown with the High Prophet of Truth at the Ark.

Following the Human-Covenant War, Usze was assigned as a liaison to the UNSC, though he found his attention increasingly diverted to the dealings of his families' keep and the legacy of his biological father, the legendary swordfighter Toha 'Sumai. Typically clad in a custom Assault combat harness in a distinctive claret color, he faces his enemies with a tempered zeal that is unusual for so young a warrior.


Born into a prominent merchant family within the Sumai keep, Usze was fathered by one of the preeminent swordfighters of this age, Toha ‘Sumai. Even early in life Usze proved to be a prodigy, displaying incredible prowess with the Energy Sword and Plasma Rifle.

Not long after accepting his first posting, Usze was offered a place in the ProphetsHonor Guard, though he declined, citing a “lack of practical experience.” In reality, Usze had no desire to be part of a largely ceremonial unit. At the end of his third combat tour, Usze ‘Taham again refused the Honor Guard’s invitation, ignoring warnings from his superiors that such behavior could be misinterpreted as apostasy. Following this, Usze evaded countless punitive actions, and least two assassination attempts, while continuing to serve with distinction.

During the Great Schism, Usze followed his commander, Rtas ‘Vadum in siding with Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam in the rebellion against the San’Shyuum and Jiralhanae.

Ascetic Guard

Early in his career, Usze’s skill and honorable bearing brought him the attention of the Ascetics, an ancient order within Sangheili culture fervently devoted to a pre-Covenant faith. While the Ascetic’s military forces had been formally dissolved following the Writ of Union, Ascetic priests continued to recruit worthy Sangheili warriors into their order, keeping the ideals of their ancient beliefs and practices alive within the Covenant. When the Great Schism began, it was the foundation laid by Usze and others like him that allowed the Ascetic guard to be swiftly resurrected, helping take the fight to their betrayers. Following the dissolution of the Covenant, Usze continued to assist the Ascetics, acting as a valued liaison between several Sangheili factions, feuding keeps, and even the UNSC.

Return to the Ark

In 2555, at the behest of the Arbiter, Usze joined a hybrid team of Sangheili and human operatives on a mission that took them back to Installation 00 in order to stop the firing of the Halo Array.



  • Halo 3


  • Halo: Hunters in the Dark

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