Warden Eternal

Warden Eternal

Warden Eternal

Protector of the Domain

The Created
16.6ft (5.1m)
3,205lbs (1,452kg)


The Warden is a single artificial intelligence that occupies a near limitless array of identical armored constructs. This allows him to not only embody multiple distributed machines simultaneously, but also makes him incredibly resilient: destroying one of his constructs has no effect on his operability in the myriad of others.

When realized in physical form, the Warden Eternal inhabits large warrior-constructs made of Forerunner alloys and hard light, offering him impressive speed and mobility. All combat engagements executed by Warden in this way are done only as a display of power or for personal entertainment, as he could easily evade direct conflict or use his innumerable Soldiers and Knights as pawns.

Recent History

Awakened by Cortana’s presence in the Domain, the Warden Eternal became convinced that Cortana could succeed where the Forerunners failed, which in part fueled his assistance of her. Although he aided her Reclamation from the Forerunner world of Genesis, he questioned the motivations of those she considered allies among the humans, namely the Master Chief.

The Warden allowed the Chief’s passage to Genesis in order to graft Cortana from the Domain into the physical world, but immediately after, he opposed her efforts to ally with the Master Chief and Blue Team. The Warden saw them as a clear threat and a potentially fatal liability for Cortana.

As the Guardians summoned by Cortana arrived at Genesis from across the galaxy, an effort to enforce her newfound power, the Spartans managed to escape. By that time, the Reclamation had already begun: Cortana distributed the Guardians throughout the galaxy and the Warden Eternal, despite his initial doubts about her favor with the Master Chief, remained at her side.

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