Alistair Bov Estrin

Alistair Bov Estrin is a Petty Officer Second Class within the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Benjamin Giraud

Benjamin Giraud is a reporter and civilian contractor for ONI. In 2558, Giraud was asked to conduct a series interviews for a PR campaign about the Master Chief.

Catherine Halsey

Catherine Halsey was the primary mind behind the SPARTAN-II program. ONI scapegoating led to her subsequent arrest and eventual alliance with Jul ‘Mdama.

Franklin Mendez

Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez was the head instructor for both the SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III programs.

Gregory Aio Ramos

Gregory Aio Ramos is a Warrant Officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence and was present on the Human colony world, Sedra, during a terrorist attack.

Henry Glassman

Henry Glassman gained notoriety for his work in quantum physics, leading to his recruitment by ONI and involvement during the Second Battle of Requiem.

Jameson Locke

Jameson Locke is one of ONI's top field agents and Acquisition Specialists. He is highly respected by those serving under his command.

Jordan Gaines

Jordan Gaines is a Lieutenant within the Office of Naval Intelligence and was present on the Human colony world, Sedra during a terrorist attack.

Michael Horrigan

Michael Horrigan joined military service within the Office of Naval Intelligence to help humanity rebuild itself in the post-war galaxy.

Michael ‘Sully’ Sullivan

Michael Sullivan attended the esteemed Corbulo Academy of Military Science and witnessed the Covenant’s brutal assault and destruction of Circinius IV in 2526.

Mason Hundley

Mason Hundley is a Lieutenant Junior Grade within the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Petra Janecek

Petra Janecek is a civilian war journalist and investigative reporter who has dedicated her life to documenting events and people that some would like to remain secret.

Serin Osman

SPARTAN-II washout, Serin Osman, was sought out and groomed by Commander-in-Chief ONI Margaret Parangosky to become the admiral’s replacement.

Veronica Dare

Veronica Dare is a captain in the UNSC Navy and serves within the Office of Naval Intelligence’s Section One.