Hastati Squad

Hastati Squad

Hastati Squad

Cadet Training Squad

Primary HQ:
Corbulo Academy, Circinius IV
Training of officer cadets
Squad Leader:
Officer Cadet April Orenski


Hastati Squad was a team of cadets at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. As the school was named for a historic Roman general, it was typical for cadet squads to also possess Roman-inspired categorizations. The name “hastati” in particular referred to a class of infantry used by the Roman Republic. On April 26, 2526, the Covenant launched a surprise attack on the Unified Earth Government’s (UEG) colony Circinius IV, home of Corbulo Academy. Three members of Hastati Squad were among the last survivors of the assault. The Spartan-II super-soldier Master Chief John-117 located the cadets via the distress signal deployed by Cadet Thomas Lasky. The Chief then escorted the surviving cadets to a D79 Pelican dropship for evacuation from the planet.


Hastati Squad members at the time of Circinius IV’s glassing included the following: Squad leader Officer Cadet April Orenski, Officer Cadet Thomas Lasky, Officer Cadet Chyler Silva (KIA by Needler rounds), Officer Cadet Walter Vickers (KIA by Covenant Elite), Officer Cadet Sean Kaye (KIA during the initial attacks), Officer Cadet Junjie Chen (KIA by Covenant Elite), Officer Cadet Michael Sullivan, Officer Cadet Dimah Tchakova (KIA after space elevator destruction by Covenant Corvette), Officer Cadet Phillip Shere (KIA during the initial attacks).

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