High Council

High Council

High Council

The High Council of the Covenant

San’Shyuum, Sangheili
Covenant Government
Primary HQ:
High Charity, High Council Chamber


While the Covenant was led by the High Prophet triumvirate, the High Council formed a larger body of both San'Shyuum and Sangheili that determined legislation and executed the day-to-day affairs of government.

This group of over two hundred Prophets and Elites managed the governance of the Covenant, and was responsible for selecting the replacements of any Hierarch, if deemed necessary. For this reason, the High Prophet of Truth quickly replaced the Honor Guard with Brutes after the death of the High Prophet of Regret, ordering the execution of the Elites on the High Council before they could elect a potentially more moderate Prophet who could countermand his grand design. This initiated the Great Schism, a devastating civil war which eventually saw the end not only of the High Council but of the Covenant itself.

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