Unified Earth Government

2170 CE (Conceived), 2204 CE (Full Autonomy)
Primary HQ:
Sydney, Commonwealth Of Australia - Earth
Centralized Governing Agency Of Humanity
Head of State:
President of the Unified Earth Government


The Unified Earth Government (UEG) was originally an offshoot of the United Nations, formed at the end of the Interplanetary War of the 22nd century. It gained autonomy in 2204 in an effort to maintain Earth’s power across numerous colonial habitats. The UEG is led by a civilian elected president and maintains legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

The Unified Earth Government is currently humanity’s central government, based on Earth. It operates with primacy in nearly all civilian affairs. However, during the course of the Covenant War, substantial authority was given to the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) as a result of emergency powers and breakdown of interstellar governance following the loss of the outer colonies. Though civilian leadership was restored following the end of the war, the UNSC retains considerable latitude with regard to interactions with the surviving colonies, and is thus considered an ineffectual front for the military by many living outside the Sol system.

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