Bhaakto III

Star System:
4,307 miles (6,931 km)
.99 G
1.1 (N2, O2)


Founded in 2412, the colony of Alluvion was a border world and prominent waystation between inner colonies and those located on the periphery. Its vast oceans and moderately tropical climates required little planetary engineering when humanity first arrived, though aggressive tidal activity due to the orbit of its moon, Fallow, forced most population centers into the continental interiors. Despite being highly cherished by those who lived there, Alluvion’s history remained largely uneventful until the Covenant’s arrival in 2542.

Battle for Alluvion

Covenant scouting patrols located Alluvion in 2541, signaling a full-scale invasion one year later. The UNSC managed to muster a substantial military force to defend the world, keeping the enemy at bay for weeks, before a Covenant support fleet arrived, severing critical support lines and bringing a quick end to the colony. The Covenant glassed major population centers and spaceports, leaving few survivors in its wake. By early 2544, no record of human activity remained on Alluvion.

Sundark Phenomena

Upon returning to Alluvion in 2554, the recolonization support fleet discovered a strange anomaly within the Sundark Sea. A series of Forerunner shield pylons, previously hidden from the colony’s inhabitants, had emerged and forced back massive walls of water revealing the seafloor. After years of surveying this area, an exploration team discovered a hidden repository containing an exotic fuel source thought capable of replacing deuterium for human starships.

Contracted by the UNSC, Liang-Dortmund’s aerospace division established the Alluvion Research Center (ARC) in 2556, seeking to directly power a number of prototype shuttles with this newfound energy source. Only a year into their research, however, their voracious mining efforts mysteriously triggered the complete withdrawal of the shield pylons, and the merciless collapse of the sea on all who remained within the ARC.

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