Corbulo Academy

Corbulo Academy of Military Science

Corbulo Academy of Military Science


Circinius IV
General Daniel Black
April 26, 2526


Corbulo Academy of Military Science (CAMS) was a UNSC officer training school. Located on the Unified Earth Government colony of Circinius IV, the school was tasked with preparing cadets for military service against the Insurrection. This school was named after the Roman General, Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo, who, when ordered to fall on his sword in the name of Rome, obeyed without question, shouting “Axios”—“I am worthy.” General Daniel Black, the superintendent at the time of Circinius IV’s fall, often said that the school was named after the Roman General because he represented the “honor, valor, and allegiance” expected of cadets. A statue of General Corbulo holding an MA5 series assault rifle stood in the central courtyard.

On April 26, 2526, multiple Covenant heavy corvettes attacked Circinius IV. As it was among the first planets attacked by the Covenant, its population was unaware of the pending threat. Evacuations at Corbulo Academy itself were in progress when a Covenant corvette destroyed the campus’s space elevator. Only three students survived the assault, escaping the planet with Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

Notable Staff

Colonel Kennedy Lynn Mehaffey – Professor

A hardened UNSC veteran of the Insurrection, Kennedy Lynn Mehaffey was raised on the outer colony of Desdoron. On her initial deployment as an ODST, a young Mehaffey was placed in a squad with a then-first-lieutenant Audrey Lasky. The two ascended the ranks together and both developed impressive reputations; Lasky for her encyclopedic intellect and Mehaffey for her relentlessness on the field. Her penchant for engaging rebels in close proximity, particularly in hand-to-hand combat with a blade—in addition to her often cold and calculated demeanor—earned her the handle "Icepick."

Eventually, Mehaffey would be transitioned from active duty into the role of Director at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science on Circinius IV. Reportedly, she was famously transferred “without a scratch,” which soon prompted the academy’s students to speculate about the origins of her scar. With each graduating class, the theories and rumors would become more involved, eventually evolving into a popular urban legend that upperclassmen would pass down to new recruits. In reality, no one ever really learned the truth. Despite her reputation, she was as respected as she was feared, and in her service at the academy was instrumental in turning out some of the UNSC’s best and brightest for nearly ten years.

Her contributions would come to a tragic end in 2526, when she was killed in action during the Covenant’s surprise assault on the Academy at the time of their invasion of Circinius IV.

General Daniel Black— Superintendent

A proud Marine officer, Daniel Black earned his stripes during his involvement in Operation: TREBUCHET. Throughout the course of the war he was awarded numerous decorations and achieved the rank of General. Black maintained an unwavering loyalty toward the UNSC and viewed their military governance over the colonies as both necessary and practical. In juxtaposition to this, he ardently believed the insurrectionists selfishly endangered lives and that it necessitated swift reciprocity by the UNSC in order to prevent further losses.

After witnessing an increase of outer colony youth joining the rebellion, Black adopted the philosophy that the key to winning this war would be in a profoundly regimented pro-UEG education during the formative years. To that end, Black took on the role of superintendent of the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. He proudly made it his mission to prepare the cadets for their future in the UNSC and was known to personally intervene when a squad underperformed.

In 2526, ONI’s Section Two division informed Black about the burgeoning Covenant threat. He responded by increasing Marine troops around the campus. He also authorized limited communications blackouts under the guise of routine maintenance procedures. When the Covenant attacked Circinius IV, Black issued evacuation orders before joining the battle. He died during the initial Covenant ground assault.

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