Erebus VII

Erebus VII

Erebus VII

Abandoned Colony

Star System:
1.12 G
1.02 (O2, N2)


Though Erebus VII’s atmospheric composition makes it habitable, it has yet to be considered a viable candidate for colonial residence, due to extremely hostile indigenous wildlife and interference by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). For some time, ONI had operated a number of facilities across Erebus’ immense equatorial forest, though their research goals have yet to be revealed. After ONI lost contact with onsite personnel in 2557, several remote contact teams were sent to determine the reason. They found empty labs, with no explanation as to the whereabouts of the staff. ONI has since suspended its efforts on Erebus VII and has no plans to commit new resources.


ABANDON - War Games Map_Set/: 505-2
Detailes an ONI research facility on Erebus VII have been used to create a map within the War Games combat simulation.

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