Fathom Station

Fathom Station

Fathom Station

UNSC Research Facility

Beta Gabriel
Exploring Covenant wreckage off the Aleutian Rim


Fathom Station was an extensive network of underwater facilities nestled along the Aleutian Rim, in Beta Gabriel’s Cortez Ocean. It was designed to research and explore a submerged Covenant carrier rumored to house numerous technological secrets, including a weapon so powerful that it would render their already cruel orbital weapons obsolete. Funded by ONI and constructed by the Imbrium Machine Complex (IMC), Fathom operated unhindered for a number of years, though only gleaning mild discoveries.


When the Epsilon Eridani system fell in August 2552, most of its human population centers on Reach, Tribute, and Circumstance were obliterated. And although the smaller, ocean world of Beta Gabriel did see Covenant occupation, its lack of any major human settlements left it mostly intact upon their departure. During a brief skirmish, however, UNSC Uncommon Courage sacrificed itself to force the Covenant carrier Splendid Intention into the ocean, stopping it from transferring a prototype super-weapon to the frontlines of the war. Recognizing the significance of this potential find, ONI deployed a Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group in 2554, facilitated by the IMC, to recover whatever it was that the Covenant were building.

End of Fathom

Little of import was actually discovered during the Fathom’s exploratory commission, but in 2556, during a routine survey, the Covenant carrier suddenly shifted from its resting place, violently sliding down into a nearby trench and sending debris and water directly into the station’s northern terminals, tearing the complex apart and claiming the lives of 41 researchers. Splendid Intention would be lost forever, along with 23 explorers who were trapped within it; this solemn event triggered the end of Fathom Station’s research activity though it would secretly live on during War Games simulations.

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