Gamma Halo

Gamma Halo

Gamma Halo

Installation 03

Star System:
049 Abject Testament
6,214 Miles (10,000km)
1.1 G
1.2 (N2, O2, Ar)
Surface Temperature:
-6°F To 109°F (-21°C To 43°C)


Also known as Installation 03, Gamma Halo was discovered on October 8, 2552, when a human civilian transport, the Floral Express, appeared in the Khaphrae system after executing a random slipspace jump while escaping the Covenant assault on Tribute.

Within weeks, ONI pioneer groups, accompanied by Spartan escorts, secured the Halo’s Activation Index and quarantined areas which were believed to contain Flood research samples. Though the facility’s monitor, 049 Abject Testament, was not found, records found in the Gamma Halo Library complex led researchers to conduct targeted seismic scans near a Forerunner-sealed site in a desolate region of the ring, revealing a curious Forerunner artifact known as the Composer.

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