Epsilon Indi IV

Star System:
Epsilon Indi
2,493 miles (4,012 km)
0.998 G
1.02 (N2, O2)
Surface Temperature:
-2°F to 108°F (-19°C to 42°C)
Day Length:
17.5 hours


Found in the Epsilon Indi system, Harvest was a chief exporter of agricultural goods throughout human-occupied space for almost a century, until it became the first of many colonies to be destroyed by the Covenant in 2525. Prior to its fall, Harvest’s impressive seven tethers were connected to the orbital space station Tiara and managed by the AI construct Sif.

Ancient Past

Before the activation of Halo, the Forerunners knew Harvest as CE-309-8 d. A minor asset in their vast interstellar domain, the planet was used as a Shield waystation facility, complete with Flood research/containment centers and administrative nodes that directed Forerunner defenses in the surrounding region. Covenant excavations later revealed several of these Forerunner structures.

Fall of Harvest

In 2525, the colony was assaulted by the Covenant and communications were cut off to the UEG and UNSC. For several months, the fate of the colony remained a mystery, but in 2526, Vice Admiral Preston Cole arrived with one of the largest fleets ever assembled. Despite incredible losses, he drove off the Covenant fleet, but his forces became entangled in a vicious siege that lasted over five years.


Harvest - WAR GAMES MAP_SET/: 309-8
The tether complex was a series of seven strands mounted just outside of the city of Utgard and terminating many kilometers above the planet’s surface at Tiara Station. Extensive scans of the complex prior to the Human-Covenant War have been uploaded into the War Games simulations for use in training Spartans.

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