High Charity

High Charity

High Charity

The Holy City of High Charity

348 km (216.2 mi)
1.03 ATM [N2, O2, AR]
Standard Climate:
50°F To 75°F (10°C To 24°C)
Day Length:
265.2 Hours


The Holy City of High Charity was an enormous mobile space station created early in Covenant history to exist as a centralized capital of their religious, political, and military force, as well as the home to millions of Covenant constituents. As a testament to their truce with the Sangheili, the San’Shyuum used their Forerunner Dreadnought, set within the station’s interior, as High Charity’s primary power source. Around the ship’s moorings, the Covenant developed a vast metropolitan complex which covered the city’s primary floor, extending from the center all the way to its interior walls. Externally, High Charity was heavily armored and maintained a substantial umbilical docking system and maintenance facilities on its lower sections.

Despite its size and power, High Charity was destroyed toward the end of the war with the humans. When the High Prophet of Truth brought High Charity to Delta Halo in 2552, the Flood found its way onboard and rapidly infected the city’s population. Amid this chaos, Truth escaped with the Forerunner Dreadnought, leaving the High Charity’s citizens to fend for themselves. Eventually, High Charity met its end when the Gravemind crashed it into the Ark in an attempt to prevent the Halo Array from firing.



Although under control of the Flood parasite, the UNSC In Amber Clad continued to transmit data to its remote nodes, attempting to accumulate as much information about both Delta Halo and High Charity as possible before the ship’s termination. Remote relays captured these details and one peculiar mass image was a site within High Charity now believed to be the Garden of Reverent Contemplation. This site was believed to be a place of thought and worship dedicated to the High Prophet of Truth. The intention of this place was quiet solitude in honor of the Hierarch, but Spartans currently use Gemini’s impressive symmetry and multiple levels to more acutely hone their combat skills.

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