Janjur Qom

Janjur Qom

Janjur Qom

San’Shyuum Homeworld

Star System:
Comparable to Earth or Sanghelios
Surface Temperature:
Day Length:
30 hours
Year Length:
290 days


Janjur Qom was one of three planets in the nascent star system of the San’Shyuum. Following a civil war, a group of renegade San’Shyuum fled the planet, taking with them the Forerunner Dreadnought. As the massive ship had been partially buried below the Great Apothtea - a vast blue sea - a sizable chunk of Janjur Qom was ripped from the planet in the escape. The ocean rushed to fill in the resulting crater.

After the formation of the Covenant, details about Janjur Qom were kept secret by the San'Shyuum leadership - even among their own species. Most knew few, if any, details that could help locate or identify it.


Records indicate that much of the main continent was covered by dark green vegetation and dense forests with high canopies, while the outer regions were more rugged and rocky. These barren regions held many mysterious artifacts and facilities, including ruins dating back to when the San’Shyuum supposedly once walked among the Forerunners, though many who dwelt on Janjur Qom forbade their excavation and study.


In 648 BCE, the San’Shyuum homeworld is said to have been destroyed when its star went supernova. This was viewed with some suspicion by many in the Covenant, but little was done to dispute it, and only the most revered Prophets knew where the world was located. At this point, High Charity became the adopted homeworld of all surviving San’Shyuum.

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