Sol IV

Star System:
Phobos, Deimos
4,220 Miles (6,792km)
.376 G
0.7 (CO2, N2, O2)
Surface Temperature:
-120°F To 80°F (−84°C To 26°C)
Day Length:
24 Hours, 39 minutes, 35 seconds
Year Length:
668.6 Days


In 2080, Mars became the first planet colonized by humanity. Even before terraforming, Mars quickly became a major industrial hub in the Sol system. The city of Kenosha in the Tanais region has the distinction of being home to the UNSC Marine Corps’ ODST headquarters.


Mars has the dubious distinction of being the first colony to rebel from Earth’s control. In the events leading up to the Interplanetary War in 2164, Mars harbored many activists and rebels who would later take part in the conflict. When the first shots were fired, many Martians joined the neo-Communist Koslovics. These revolutionaries were eventually put down in harsh crackdowns that followed the signing of the Callisto Treaty in 2170.

Covenant War

After centuries of tranquility, Mars once again saw war when the Prophet of Truth’s fleet arrived in the Sol System in late 2552. Though the UNSC forces on the planet were eventually destroyed, their valiant defense delayed Covenant forces from pressing their assault on Earth.

Notable Locations

New Manila, New Legaspi, Chiron Testing Station, Chiron TL-34, Argyre Planitia, Mare Erythraeum, Phobos Penal Colony, ODST Primary HQ (Kenosha)

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