New Mombasa

New Mombasa

New Mombasa

Kenya, Africa, Earth

East African Protectorate
Key Features:
Mombasa Space Tether
Key Technology:
October 20, 2552


On October 20, 2552, the High Prophet of Regret arrived in the Sol system with a small Covenant fleet. Regret’s flagship, Solemn Penance, quickly broke through Earth’s orbital defenses and initiated a ground assault on New Mombasa to seize control of a Forerunner artifact buried beneath the city. UNSC forces from Diego Garcia and the Master Chief were immediately deployed ground-side in an effort to stop the Prophet. In addition, as the Solemn Penance hovered above the city, an ODST task force prepared to drop onto the vessel and seize it in a boarding action.

Before either party could complete their mission, Regret leveraged the newly discovered location of Delta Halo as an escape vector, and Solemn Penance made a sudden slipspace jump near the city. The slipspace rupture created a massive crater to the northeast of the city, sheared apart the orbital elevator, and unleashing a shockwave that caused extensive damage to the city. Soon after, the Covenant fleet arrived in force and began to glass the city in order to uncover the nearby Forerunner portal structure.


District - WAR GAMES MAP_SET/: 411-1

During the Covenant’s first assault on Earth and the occupation which would follow, Old Mombasa became a key engagement point for UNSC forces seeking to prevent the Covenant from establishing what they initially believed to be an invasion beachhead on the planet. Recreated in the War Games environment to train Spartans for urban warfare, District is a near-perfect simulation of the terrain as of October 20, 2552.

Headlong - WAR GAMES MAP_SET/: 622-3

Prior to the Covenant’s assault, Section 14 was a construction site founded on one of the many coastal sites of New Mombasa’s mainland territory. This portion of docks was renowned for being the primary monitoring outpost of ports traffic along Nyali, Tudor, and New Mombasa island itself.

Ivory Tower - WAR GAMES MAP_SET/: 950-9

Once home of a wealthy socialite, Ivory Tower was later converted into a “public” park visited only by the upper echelon of New Mombasa society. Intended to be conducive to solitary contemplation and repose, the architecture for this site was fancied by War Games analysts for its unique verticality and vague symmetry, making it a compelling scenario for close-quarters combat simulations.

Turf - WAR GAMES MAP_SET/: 409-3

As the Covenant assaulted the Earth, the city of New Mombasa and its outskirts, including Old Mombasa, were beaten and battered by enemy infantry. This War Games scenario is set at the site of a brief skirmish between a detachment of UNSC Marines and a Covenant battle force commanding a Scarab. When UNSC Brasidas’ MAC managed to disable the Scarab from orbit, the Marines engaged the surviving enemy forces in an attempt to recover the downed war machine.

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