Westward Temple of the Sea

Site for worship and contemplation


Along the coastlands of Nuusra, ancient Sangheili elders had once erected stone fortresses to observe and protect a site they deemed sacred -- a mysterious and immense machine that had first been discovered by dive-hunters and fishing skiffs. Centuries later, the Sangheili built a temple city on pylons even closer to the submerged relic, now recognizing it belonged to their gods, the Forerunners. This city was called Sunaion.

For many years, the Covenant leveraged Sunaion to explore and worship the artifact they came to know as a Guardian, but little could be done to explore the secrets of the great machine or determine its true purpose. Except for a number of anchorites, the city remained mostly empty during the Covenant’s reign and their war with humanity, though prophecies of the Guardian one day rises began to be inscribed.

Staging Site

After the war, Sunaion initially remained neutral amid a flurry of civil skirmishes among kaidons. When the Arbiter’s own territory became a target of would-be revolutionaries, however, this all changed. Sunaion was now viewed as an optimal staging site, giving one quick access to the coasts of Yermo, including Vadam Harbor and the heavily fortified Kolaar Mountains.

Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant eventually gained control of the temple site, and began formulating plans to strike at the Arbiter while he defended the inland portions of Vadam. The Arbiter got wind of this activity and quickly established a forward operating site among the ruins of Nuusra, where the Arbiter’s Swords of Sanghelios planned to strike at the Covenant forces. When ‘Mdama was suddenly assassinated by humans, the Arbiter had been afforded an opportunity to execute one final crushing blow to the Covenant’s last bastion. During the assault, however, the Guardian suddenly awakened, violently ripping Sunaion apart in its wake.

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