Vitalyevna III

Star System:
.90 G
.95 (O2, N2)
Talitsa Corporate Council
Major Cities:
Bedinka, Irbit, Khutors, Yushala


The colony of Talitsa has always had a strong anti-centralization and pro-colonial autonomy sentiment, forcing UNSC intervention after a series of uprisings in the planet’s major population centers in 2493, 2516, and 2520. The results of these military actions were less than ideal, with many outlying rebel sects coalescing into larger and stronger groups that ultimately made the planet ungovernable outside of the heavily fortified capital. Though these groups officially disbanded in 2528, separatist sentiments remain high.

Outland Bases

OUTCAST - War Games Map_Set/:822-2
Some of the Talitsa rebels’ outland redoubts sites have been discovered by the UNSC following the Covenant War, but many others remain well-hidden, sparking concern within the upper echelons of the Unified Earth Government (UEG) that the planet’s population will once again erupt in armed confrontation. The UNSC acquired scans of a known rebel base in the distant outlands of Talitsa for use in the War Games simulations.

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