Threshold Gas Mine

Threshold Gas Mine

Threshold Gas Mine

Forerunner Mining Facility

Gravity Anchor:
Gas Mine
Hydrogen, helium, and methane collection and refinement


This gas mine is a Forerunner mining facility orbiting the gas giant, Threshold. Its construction actually predates Installation 04 by several hundred years, but was retrofitted to research possible offensive and defensive measures against the Flood. Monitor 343 Guilty Spark oversaw the design and construction of the facility's various outbreak management systems.

Upon discovery of the nearby Halo ring in 2552, a Covenant minor prophet known as the Prophet of Stewardship ordered expeditionary forces sent to outlying facility, the detachment led by Sesa ‘Refumee and Loka ‘Bandolee. This order angered then-Fleet Master Thel ‘Vadamee, who felt all local forces should be concentrating on combating the human presence and protecting Halo. Thel issued a close-band transmission demanding all military forces concentrated on the human threat posed to the Holy Ring. This order was ignored, and the Ring eventually destroyed by the Master Chief.

The blame for Installation 04’s destruction was placed on Thel ‘Vadamee, who was then stripped of his military power but repurposed as the newest Arbiter. His first mission was to travel to the Threshold Gas Mine to silence the contingent led by his once-ally Sesa ‘Refumee. These Covenant soldiers turned “heretics” after discovering that the Prophets had been lying about the nature of Halo. Although the Arbiter killed ‘Refumee, it is revealed ‘Refumee had possession of an Oracle, the monitor of Alpha Halo, 343 Guilty Spark.

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