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Kamchatka is a remote, uninhabited world that once served as an important link in the Forerunner knowledge network known as the Domain.


In the many years since Mars became the first human-colonized planet, it has become a hub for industry and home to critical UNSC facilities.


Once a vibrant and thriving human colony on the periphery, Meridian was brought to ruin by a ruthless Covenant attack near the end of the war.

Munera Platform

One of many just like it, Munera Platform A7 plays host to an array of War Games simulations conducted by battle-hardened Spartans.

New Mombasa

Home of Earth’s first space elevator, New Mombasa developed into a sprawling metropolis. The city was mostly destroyed by the Covenant during their assault of Earth.

New Phoenix

New Phoenix was the fourth most populated city in the United Republic of North America after New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Its population was consumed by the Composer when the Didact attacked.


Reach was humanity's greatest home and strongest military fortification before it fell to Covenant forces at the height of the Human-Covenant War.


Requiem was the first Forerunner shield world created as a fortress for the Didact, the Protector of Ecumene.


Sedra is an outer colony world with lingering distrust of the UEG. It was left largely unaffected by the Human-Covenant War.


Sanghelios is the cradle world of the Sangheili species, known to humans as ‘Elites,’ and currently the site of their largest population and governing control.


Resting high above the Csurdon Sea, the city of Sunaion was constructed to pay homage to the Guardian concealed in the deep below.

Threshold Gas Mine

This gas mine is a Forerunner mining facility suspended above the gas giant, Threshold, and tethered to a larger orbital installation.


Threshold is an enormous gas giant in the Soell system. It has an extensive network of Forerunner gas mining and refinery stations and was once orbited by Alpha Halo.


The outer colony of Talitsa is one of twenty-seven natural satellites of a gas giant in the Sverdlovsk System.


The youngest of Epsilon Eridani’s colonies, Tribute was known for its thriving industry until it was partially glassed by Covenant forces in 2552.

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