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Active Camouflage

Active Camouflage is an armor module that allows its user to become nearly invisible for stealth operations.

Artemis Tracking System

The Artemis Tracking System, or ATS, is a prototype sensor system for use by Spartan soldiers, allowing them to investigate their immediate area for objects of tactical significance.

Bubble Shield

The Bubble Shield is a deployable equipment system that creates a spherical force field when activated.


Biofoam is an analgesic and antiseptic foaming polymer compound used by soldiers and medics to seal and disinfect deep wounds. It is a standard component of all UNSC first-aid kits.


Cytoprethaline is used in the process of cryogenic storage for preventing damage to cell membranes and ensuring healthy and safe transportation across space.


The Composer is a Forerunner device used to reduce a living being into a collection of data – referred to as an "essence" by Forerunners.


A Cryptum is a Forerunner stasis/containment machine used to safely preserve beings in a state of meditation for incredibly long periods of time.

Covenant Drop Pods

The Covenant drop pod is the quickest and most efficient troop deployment method, though it comes with extreme risk.


Guardians are powerful security constructs created by the Forerunners to enforce the tenets of the Mantle for the greater good of the galaxy.

Halo Array

The Halo Array is a series of ringworlds created by the Forerunners for the purpose of destroying the horrific extragalactic parasite known as the Flood.

Janus Key

The Janus Key is a Forerunner device which acts as an activation catalyst for a galaxy-spanning Cartographer within a site called the Absolute Record.


The brainchild of Dr. Halsey, MJOLNIR powered assault armor is has become the legendary combat counterpart to the Spartan program.

Promethean Crawler

Promethean Crawlers are low-grade, quadruped constructs created by the Forerunners.

Promethean Watcher

Promethean Watchers act primarily as defensive drones, taking on a tactical support role.

Promethean Knight

Promethean Knights are a series of heavily armored, powerful biped machines operated by sentient essences cultivated via the Composer.

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