Protectors of the Mantle

Security and Enforcement
4,635 Ft (1,412 Meters)


The Mantle of Responsibility was the predominant philosophical system adhered to by the Forerunners, guiding and informing governance of the entire galaxy based on the belief that the most developed species was charged with the stewardship of all life. The tenets of the Mantle, however, allowed for competition and conflict as long as it did not threaten galactic biodiversity. Since such threats existed, the Forerunners designed Guardians to police lesser star systems and enforce the Mantle’s edicts on noncompliant or overly-bellicose species.


Guardians had numerous roles and functions in service of the Mantle, but the primary one was the monitoring and subjugation of all local power networks. If necessary, Guardians could instantaneously neutralize these networks through a series of debilitating attenuation pulses. The deployment of multiple Guardians allowed the constructs to strategically coordinate their strike, rendering all but the most sophisticated foe completely inefficacious. This method of control was largely unchallenged.


Guardians were developed and deployed many millennia before the Flood appeared, and were just one of the tools that the Forerunners used to ensure their power and influence in the galaxy. Utilized throughout Forerunner history to audit any potentially belligerent sentients, Guardians could swiftly quash revolts or be deployed in advance as an imposing threat of force, but they were useless against the rise the parasite. Before activating Halo as a final defense, the Forerunners buried remaining Guardians on isolated shelter worlds, where they would remain dormant until called upon to serve the Mantle once again.


In October 2558, Guardians began emerging on the shelter worlds, a hundred thousand years after they had been abandoned. Their awakening a sign the Mantle has been reclaimed and that the Domain once again blazes with knowledge and purpose.

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