Halo Array

Halo Array

Halo Array

Weapons of Last Resort

Installation 03:
Gamma Halo
Installation 04:
Alpha Halo
Installation 05:
Delta Halo
Installation 07:
Zeta Halo


One hundred millennia ago, the Forerunners designed an array of ringworlds, collectively called Halo, to destroy the merciless Flood. The Halo Array was the focus of the Covenant faith for thousands of years. It eventually led to the culmination of long hidden Forerunner plans for humanity to reclaim their role as caretakers of the galaxy.

The Halos were massive ringworld weapons, their interior surface capable of providing sanctuary for a broad range of life. Initially, twelve rings were created by Builders at the greater Ark, but their size and effectiveness were soon questioned when they began to accrue enormous temporal reconciliation debts and could not be moved easily. Not long after this, the Forerunners designed yet another Ark, one much smaller, distributing seven equally sized rings which would become the extant Halo Array. The Forerunners ultimately fired these rings in an effort to purge the galaxy of the Flood. However, the rings also contained dormant specimens of the parasite in the hope that if it were to ever return, a cure could be found to prevent its spread.

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