Janus Key

Janus Key

Janus Key

Forerunner Cartographer

Unknown/Forerunner Origin
Half Key Length:
5.5in (14cm)
Half Key Width:
1.2in (3cm)
Half Key Height:
1.4in (3.5cm)
Galactic Cartographer
Full Key Length:
5.6in (14.2cm)
Full Key Width:
1.2in (3cm)
Full Key Height:
1.9in (4.9cm)


Long hidden on the shield world of Requiem, the Janus Key is a Forerunner artifact of extraordinary importance. It remained concealed until it was discovered by Spartan teams deployed to counter Covenant excavation sites. According to the Librarian, this artifact was intended to provide real-time locational data to all Forerunner technologies, giving the holder incredible power upon bringing the key to the location referred to as the Absolute Record.

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